PUBG Mobile Godzilla Collaboration Stomps Out Resident Evil 2

It's all t-shirts and eggs right now!

Godzilla is coming to PUBG Mobile and players are having a grand old time finding clues relating to the iconic monster. Tencent announced the collaboration on the PUBG Mobile Twitter account earlier today, but it’s not yet known how much more of the dinosaur we’ll get to see in-game.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is set to release later this month It’s the sequel to 2014’s Godzilla reboot starring Ken Watanabe and Elizabeth Olsen. Yours truly descended on the cinema to watch Bryan Cranston back on the big screen after the finale of Breaking Bad only to see him last no more than 10 minutes before kicking the bucket.

Details of the PUBG Mobile x Godzilla event are sparse – even by Tencent standards. But that’s largely the point right now. The Twitter announcement tells players to “parachute in to find clues of Godzilla’s imminent arrival”. Imminent being the keyword here, while the event has technically started, the creature itself isn’t anywhere to be seen. But he’s coming. We just don’t know when.

The clues are coming thick and fast, though. If you class a novelty shirt as a clue, that is. Players have been taking photos of their characters wearing the movie tie-in merch, while others are busy sharing meaningful discourse in the form of eggs contained in bird nests atop high buildings like towers and construction sites. None of it has brought us any closer to when we can expect to see Godzilla in action, but it’ll be interesting to see things only evolve from here.

This is the latest collaboration to hit PUBG Mobile, following right on from the Resident Evil 2 promotion that brought in several new themed gamemodes over the last few months. With the groundwork already set by past events, it’s probably safe to assume the PUBG x Godzilla event won’t be limited to just t-shirts and props scattered throughout regular matches.

With this new Godzilla outing once again focusing on the behemoth’s war against other similar sized beasts, expect an in-game event to follow a similar formula. Will we be siding with Godzilla to help him tackle the likes of Mothra or King Ghidorah, or will Godzilla be a threat PUBG Mobile squads will need to coordinate to dispatch? The Godzilla franchise has been around since the 50s. There’s no shortage of source material to pull from at this point.

With over 30 bouts under his belt with these weird and wonderful kaiju, who knows which of these we’ll be fighting with or against. Heck, Godzilla even took on King Kong in the 60s. He’s taking the big ape on again in next year’s quick-fire sequel Godzilla vs. Kong. If we don’t get to fight it this time around, maybe Tencent will let us go for round two sometime next year.

With barely a start date to mention, there’s certainly no end date in mind with this new event. PUBG Mobile x Godzilla could be around for a while yet. Let’s just hope drop rates a little more generous than the Cherry Blossom set.

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