PUBG Mobile Domination Mode Guide – Map Strategy, Tips and Tricks

Know "Town" like the back of your hand

Practically every month, PUBG Mobile adds another non-battle royale game mode to the mix, arguably making it a better, more well-rounded video game in the process. The flavor of the month this time is Domination — a 4v4 base capturing mission on the new Town map. Unlike the India Times reported, respawns are enabled; so while it’s not a tense Last Man Standing kind of mode, it adds a strategic twist to the popular Team Deathmatch/Assault options while actively encouraging teamwork.

If you’re looking to get a leg-up on the competition, we’ve put together this PUBG Mobile Domination guide with plenty of essential tips and tricks to get domination the competition. We’ll also show you the best camping spots whether you’re attacking or defending each point.

PUBG Mobile Domination Map

PUBG Mobile Domination Map

Just like Team Deathmatch, the PUBG Mobile Domination map is carefully designed for ground warfare. Corridors, alleyways, a handful of buildings and limited high ground creates plenty of cover for pockets of gunfire to break out without spilling into other areas of the map.

Site C, for example, allows attackers to come in from three different locations on matching terrain levels. A, on the other hand, adds in two high-ground attack positions from Red and Black House locations.

Domination Mode Basics

Domination Mode puts two teams of four against each other on the purpose-built Town map. It’s a square map with three capture points: the large rectangular Site B in the southwest, the smaller Site C to the east, and the large, square Site A in the center. The whole map loops around the outer edge and features three main paths back into the center.

The objective is for players to hold the currently active site long enough to “capture” it, scoring a point for their team. The first team to score two points wins the game. A random site activates 10 seconds after the match starts, and another won’t activate until the previous one is fully captured. A team’s capture rate will stop increasing if a member of the opposite team “contests” the site by entering it. If no team manages to fully capture the site in time, it will deactivate and another will open instead, essentially resetting progress for that point.

Domination Weapons and Equipment

At the start of a match, all players start off with an assault rifle and basic armor. Supply crates spawn periodically containing anything from upgraded armor and additional guns to grenades and even RPGs. Explosives can make clearing a point very easy, but don’t expect much variation in weapon usage as you go along. This is an aggressive game mode on a map with plenty of corners and cover. Sniper rifles won’t get you very far.

PUBG Mobile Domination Strategy and Tips

As soon as the game starts, you’ll have 10 seconds to prep and run to whichever site you think will open first. If you’re not the first ones in, you’ll have to take a defensive approach. Players on the site have little reason to move at this point, and are thus free to aim down each corridor/entrance and strike at a moment’s notice. They know your position whereas you don’t know theirs.

We’ve split our PUBG Mobile Domination tips into attacking and defending each site.

PUBG Mobile Domination A Site

Site A

Site A is a real mixed bag. While it appears wide-open due to its three distinct entrances, the massive statue in the middle cuts these off into smaller alleyways for the most part. A single window in the two overlooking houses gives brave players a wider shot of the opposite side, but there’s no single way in that really stands out.

Attacking Strategy 

When attacking A-site, it’s best to have at least one player get up on the high-ground in either Red or Black House while another player follows to attack from the left or right corner entrance. These are rarely used, but once you know which side the enemy is opposite, having someone nesting above can give a very distinct advantage. There’s a lot of different directions players holding A-site need to check, and having a vertical spot on top is often far too much pressure.

The remaining two players should come in through the top entrance along Path A. If you’ve cleared the Red House corner entrance, poke your head around to almost always spot and kill players hiding in the closed corner by Black House. If the open corner wasn’t clear, slide through the Path-A entrance and into the small corner cover to attack the Black House corner without falling prey to the perpendicular edge. Then poke around that corner and go from there. You need to isolate each corner and never give your opponent a chance to catch your blind side.

Defending Strategy 

When defending A, the closed corner by Black House is absolutely the place to be if you’re the more defensive-type player. You have a good view of both Path A and B entrances here. Listen out for footsteps running up behind you — this suggested someone is about to poke through the Path-A entrance.

If you don’t hear them, aim right down to Path B. When you need to reload, you can either fade into the shadows behind or hug another side of the box depending on where you suspect the opposite team to be. Others will want to either hug the central statue to cover either diagonal entrance, or wait by a House door to stop someone from claiming the high ground.

PUBG Mobile Domination B Site

Site B

B is a tricky beast to tame. It’s the most open of the lot. It only has two real entrances — both with long sights down their major paths — but with only a handful of small covers, it’s a difficult one to reliably hold as you’ll appear as a clear line of targets from most viewpoints.

Attacking Strategy

When attempting to take B-site, you’ll want to use Red House to your advantage. Hugging the corner of its entrance closest to the point gives a pretty clear shot over and through its west-side cover, but its the ability to take down those peeking down through A-Site that makes it a great attacking spot. It’s criminally underutilized as cover in this situation, so pick off distracted foes and move up from there by hugging the outer walls of the map.

If attacking from Path B, you’ll usually want to start from the high ground staircase that leads up to C-site. From the tail-end of B, only the very top of your head should be visible from here, giving you clear sight of the enemy without exposing too much of yourself. Anyone going in from the middle of Path B should use the cover available.

Defending Strategy

Keeping hold of B means making use of what little cover you have available to you. There’s high ground right on the north edge you can use to fire right through to north A-site entrance, but you’ll have your back turned to anyone peering down Path B if you’re going solo, so you’ll need to alternate between this and the large box behind you to cover both sides.

Others may need to just stick to hiding behind the view available spots of cover. Some of the best spots, however, will place you just outside the spot, so make sure only one member of your team heads off to use these to cover the east entrances. There’s no point defending if you’re not even holding the spot.

PUBG Mobile Domination C Site

Site C

C-Site is the tensest of the three spots to hold — but also the most rewarding in terms of pure thrill. It’s a thin slice of the other two spots, but with plenty of cover that feels close to a pillow fort in terms of size, you’ll have your work cut out for you.

Attacking Strategy

Attacking C is loads of fun. Only the central entrance from A-site gives you a direct view of its main cover points, but going up a staircase puts you at an early risk if someone has their sights set on it. Use it as crossfire breaks out along the opposite two paths to help clear out the stragglers who’re trapped hiding from the bullets going both ways, or toss a grenade in if you happen to have one — that’s a clear victory with the right throw.

From the longer two sides, you can either hide behind the diagonal cover on Path C or poke up from Path B. Doing both can result in a pincer attack that’s sure to put the pressure on the enemy. There are also slight gaps in the boxes outer walls of the map on the side of Path B you can use to take down anyone hiding in the rear covers.

Defending Strategy

If you’re not hiding behind the rear boxes and aiming straight down the central stairwell, you shouldn’t expect to live too long on C. You’re essential fodder, though, so have your teammate’s backs and try your best to cover each other’s flanks. It’s nothing but crossfire here, so if you’re not ducking, you’re probably being shot at.

If you want to take an even riskier approach to this, you can actually climb on top of the site’s stack facing Path C. You won’t be on the point officially, thus not contributing to the capture mission, but you can get a good view of every entrance while catching others off-guard with your peculiar placement.

Five PUBG Mobile Domination Tips and Tricks

The ability to respawn endlessly in Domination means there’s little reason to play too defensively. Dying won’t lock you out of the round or give the other team a point, so there’s plenty of time to run around and get a feel for the map before you start to play more strategically. After all, you can’t play your best if you don’t know where you are or where the enemy can appear from.

With that said, we’re ending this guide with a few helpful tips that should apply whether you’re attacking or defending.

  • Pick up a second gun. The time-honored tradition of “switching to your sidearm is always faster than reloading” stands true here. Even if it’s another Scar-L, it’s quicker to switch out to another 30 round mag than reload your current in the heat of battle.
  • Explosives can slaughter an entire team on the point. Grenades and RPGs should always be taken from the supply drop if present. Even if you know it won’t kill someone, a grenade can force the occupying team out into the open.
  • Use whatever vertical space you can find. Red/Black House and B-Site boxes are clear examples of this. High ground is limited on this map but can serve a great purpose.
  • You can actually float on the ledges outside Red/Black house windows if you jump through them. You’ll be a prime target, but it extended the view of an already very helpful vantage point.
  • Remember to actually stay on the point. There’s no point defending something you haven’t captured, and running off point to chase a kill won’t mean a thing to your team.

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