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PUBG Mobile Runic Power Mode Guide: Which Runic Power is Best?

It's all about the strategy!

PUBG Mobile patch 1.2 introduced a brand-new gameplay mode this week. It’s not the previously hinted Extreme Hunt — that’s coming next month—but Runic Power mode, which converts the standard run and gun Battle Royale formula PUBG pioneered into something that adds pseudo-magical powers for a variety of gameplay tweaks. On paper, it sounds like a fun little amalgamation of games like Fortnite and Spellbreak as well as hero shooters like Overwatch and Paladins, or even MOBA titles like League of Legends.

Active skills can bring unpredictable chaos to an already hectic battlefield, and that’s exactly what the Runic Power mode seems to want. The new mode takes place exclusively on the Erangel map from now until early February, meaning Classic mode is now only available on Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok, and Livik until next month. Here’s how to play the new mode, and which runic power is best.

PUBG Mobile best runic power

How to Play Runic Power Mode in PUBG Mobile

Assuming you’ve downloaded the PUBG Mobile 1.2 update from your app store of choice, getting into the Runic Power mode is a simple as queuing for Erangel. Drop into Spawn Island and you’ll be given the choice of three runes to equip. Each rune grants two unique skills that consume Runic Power on use, which can be replenished over the course of the match. The main skill adds a completely new gameplay element, whereas the other buffs your ammo, reload, or sprint ability in various ways. You won’t be able to change your choice of rune once the match begins, so try them out here and choose wisely.

Which PUBG Mobile Runic Power is the Best?

The question of the best runic power is going to be on everyone’s minds right up until the mode goes away. Overpowered guns or classes sneak into games all the time. Crunching and balancing the numbers is no easy feat, and something is always bound to slip through the cracks. For the Runic Power mode, though, it’s less about what’s “op” and more about what works for your playstyle. Here are a few early deductions:

Flame Rune: Great All-rounder


  • Summon: Slowly rolls a wheel of fire forward that burns enemies on contact.
  • Boost: Deals additional damage over time by adding a burning effect to bullets. Also increases damage dealt to wind walls.

Great damage potential from both the wheel and the burning bullets. It’s the choice you’re likely to see more often than not. After all, the more damage you deal, the faster you’ll take down your opponent. Everybody wants to do the most damage, and the Flame Rune delivers. You can either travel with the flame wheel to get close to your opponent while you hide behind, or let it rip in close quarters to secure a hit. As for the flame bullets, the burn can work for any gun: AR shots from a distance, SMGs up close, or even a two-shot sniper attempt can become a one-and-done with a killer burn lingering after the fact.

Arctic Rune: Best for Strategic Plays


  • Summon: Creates an ice wall consisting of many ice blocks, lifting anything above it. Blocks can be destroyed by damage.
  • Boost: Adds a chilling effect to bullets that reduces the healing potential of enemies hit. Also increases damage dealt to flame wheels.

The idea of creating ice walls to absorb damage might sound like a defensive tactic, but it can be used for aggressive plays, too. Sure, you can use it as a simple shield or blockade, but by placing the wall beneath your feet, you can immediately gain the high ground as it catapults you up. Use your newfound height to peek over fences, or even climb onto a rooftop. The possibilities are huge. Die on a wall and your loot box becomes hard to reach, which can mean your killer lingers around just long enough for your squad to enact revenge on. As for the ice bullets, a slowdown would be nice, but reduced healing means squad skirmishes will largely be in your favor.

Wind Rune: Best for Aggressive Players

  • Summon: Conjures a semi-transparent wind wall that reduces incoming bullet damage.
  • Boost: Increases movement and reload speed and deal increased damage against ice walls.

To League of Legends players old and new, the wind rune gives off big Yasuo energy. Its main skill summons a semi-transparent wind wall that reduces incoming bullet damage. Physics-wise, this probably happens by slowing them down, but as there’s no evidence to suggest bullet travel time is impacted, don’t go thinking you’ll have to pull the trigger early to land a hit. Targets on the receiving end of a spray through a wind wall will take more time to kill, so bear that in mind whether you’re playing with or against the wind rune. As for its boost skill, it doesn’t imbue your bullets with anything. Instead, run and reload speeds are increased, which should play into the hands of hyper-aggressive players.

Whichever rune you ultimately choose, be sure to keep an eye on the Runic Power counter beneath each one. Just like the ammo in your magazine, losing track of what you have on hand can turn a killer strategy into a suicide run.

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