PUBG Mobile Avalanche X-Suit Skin – How to Get the Premium Outfit

Cold and calculated.

Got a bunch of holiday money just burning a hole in your pocket? Well, it’s a good thing the PUBG Mobile Avalanche X-Suit is still around, right? Launched on the night of Santa’s round-the-world trip, the latest in a growing line of ultra-premium skins has arrived in Tencent’s mobile battle royale title. Coming around four months after the Poseidon X-Suit skin, which we talked a lot about at the time, it’s actually the fourth in the set, following in the footsteps of the Golden Pharoah and Blood Raven outfits released prior. And judging off the extra slots on the collection page, it’s not the last. Here’s how to get it.

The Avalanche X-Suit is available until the end of January.

How to Get the PUBG Mobile Avalanche X-Suit Skin

Getting the PUBG Mobile Avalanche X-Suit skin as seen in the promo reel is a multi-step process. As you’d expect, it involves burning through copious amounts of in-game currencies in draws and rolls. But luck will ultimately be the deciding factor in how much or how little you need to spend.

To get started, scroll through the top-right carousel on the main screen until you see the Avalanche X-Suit banner and tap it. On this screen, you hit the ‘Reward Redemption’ button at the bottom to get a feel for what you’re rolling for. Beyond the X-Suit, your rolls are made in one of five different pools, each with a different similarly-themed skin. Even if they’re not what you’re pulling for, you may as well pick a favorite and use the icon in the bottom-right of the X-Suit splash screen to set yourself up to potentially get that as well.

With that set, the real task begins: spinning until you unlock the Avalanche X-Suit. You can spin with Silver five times per day, but anything after that will require precious UC. Every five pulls will get you enough ‘Luck’ to pull from the selected skin banner, which will also include the chance to get the Avalanche X-Suit, which is a nice little bonus.

You can upgrade the Avalanche X-Suit by pulling for two types of currencies.

How to Upgrade the PUBG Mobile Avalanche X-Suit Skin

Once it’s in your possession (congratulations!) you may feel underwhelmed by its appearance. That’s because the PUBG Mobile Avalanche X-Suit uses an upgrade method seen in a bunch of other Tencent mobile games. To get the Avalanche X-Suit to look like it does in the pictures, you need to roll and pull until you get enough Star Fragments and Starforge Stones to boost it all the way to level five. Anything before that will have negligible effects on the appearance, typically focusing on unlocking exclusive emotes and other skin-specific things that aren’t nearly as cool as the prize you actually want. If you want the extra little goodies, they’re on a dedicated page for the skin here.

It takes time (and money) to complete the outfit. And you only have until the end of the month. So if you have a payday coming up before then, consider rolling it away for the chance to get an incredibly time-limited skin you probably won’t ever see another soul with. It’s like an NFT, only not quite as bad for the environment and can’t be right-clicked and saved to a bulging folder on everyone’s hard drives just to spite your questionable budget.

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