PUBG Mobile 1.14.0 Beta Guide: How to Play the Godzilla Mode Early

The MonsterVerse comes crashing into PUBG Mobile this month.

Godzilla returns to PUBG Mobile this month. Rather than just the promotional t-shirt it brought back in 2019, King Kong is tapping in for a gargantuan fight with the prehistoric beast. Version 1.14.0 has the king of monsters enter Erangel from the surrounding seas, stomping its way around the iconic battle royale stage smashing buildings, Skullcrawlers, and even players as he goes.

Though the new PUBG Mobile Godzilla mode hasn’t made it to the main game just yet, the April beta is offering a sneak peek at what we can only imagine is the first part of a major Godzilla vs. Kong event. Here’s how to get the 1.4.0 beta and take on the brute yourself, or get swallowed whole by the mountains of other monsters crawling across Erangel.

PUBG Mobile 1.14.0 Beta invite

How to Get the PUBG Mobile 1.14.0 Beta

Right now, the best way to get into the PUBG Mobile 1.4.0 beta is to sign into the main game.  Once you’re all logged in, mosey on down through the Recommended tab of the events menu and you should see a beta invitation button at the bottom of the list. Hit the button and, assuming there are any left, you’ll be presented with a code. Copy it to your device’s clipboard (or make a note of it yourself) and you’re almost all set.

For those who’ve participated in a PUBG Mobile beta test before, go ahead and fire up the beta app (assuming you still have it) and you’ll be prompted to download the latest patch. For those new to the beta scene, follow the link on the code page to download the APK game file straight to your device. It’s a completely separate app, so make space on your device if you think you’re running low. Enable third-party installs if asked, and you’ll have your game.

From there, it’s a simple case of logging in. You can only make and select a guest account. You can’t bring your usual account over for this. Progress will carry over into future beta tests, however, so treat it like a second account if you think you’ll check out another beta in the future. Once you sign up, you’ll be prompted to enter your beta code. Paste or type it in and you’re good to go.

PUBG Mobile Godzilla mode

How to Play the New PUBG Mobile Godzilla Mode

With the 1.14.0 beta installed and logged in, now’s time to playtest the new Godzilla mode. Select Erangel from the Classic menu (toggling the Batch11 button) and queue up. It’s a bit difficult to understand given the placeholder and otherwise foreign text that comes with these early test versions, but all you really need to know is that if you pick a fight with the curious god of destruction, you’re going to get dunked by a big blue laser beam. Godzilla kicks off PUBG Mobile‘s first true lobby spectacle, appearing from a rift tearing apart the stormy skies above Spawn Island before you jet off toward Erangel.

As you fly over the battlefield, the legendary king of the monsters can be seen emerging from the ocean by Ferry Pier just east of Primorsk. From there, he’ll spend the match traversing the land, smashing buildings, and picking fights with the powerful Skullcrawler beasties dotted around the map. You and your squad can take these lesser monsters on with enough firepower, but get too close to Godzilla itself, and you’re destined to be bathed in the burning blue light from the heavens. The rewards are unclear, but the allure is not. The mode will make it to the main game soon, but for now, the latest PUBG Mobile beta is your chance to play it early.

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