PSA: Claim Free Bright Dust in Destiny 2 This Week

The Chinese New Year is January 22, and Destiny 2 is celebrating with a new emblem and some other cosmetics. In addition, Destiny 2 players can claim free Bright Dust this week. All you have to do to get 880 free Bright Dust is log into Destiny 2, navigate over to the Eververse, and click on the weekly special in the bottom right. Doing so will add the Bright Dust to your account.

Wondering why the amount is 880? That’s because 8 is considered the luckiest number in China, and is associated with wealth. People traditionally give one another red envelopes full of money during the New Year celebrations.

Destiny 2 Free Bright Dust

You don’t have to spend the Bright Dust this week — it’ll stick around in your account until you use it. If you’re curious about what items are going to be available for Bright Dust throughout the rest of the season, check out Today in Destiny’s Eververse Calendar.

That’s all there is to it! There are a few more Chinese New Year cosmetics available in Destiny 2, though these are paid items and only available on certain weeks. You can get the Lunar Lagomorph Ghost Shell, Moonshadow Hop ship, and Rabbit’s Chase Sparrow on weeks 7 and 11 of Season of the Seraph. These items will only be available for Silver.

After you claim your free Destiny 2 Bright Dust, be sure to also grab the Jade’s Burrow emblem.