Pokemon Masters Evolve Guide – How to Evolve Pokemon

With the arrival of Pokemon Masters you may already be familiar with the trainer and Pokemon collection part of the game. But what isn’t really explained until you get your hands on the game is how to evolve the trainer’s Pokemon. And yes, you can evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Masters, at least for most Sync pairs.

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How to Evolve a Pokemon

It’s worth noting that each Pokemon also comes along with a trainer. Together these are called Sync pairs. By using them in battles you level them up, same as any other Pokemon title. As you might expect, you need to get them to a specific level before their Pokemon can evolve.

Every Pokemon in the game that can evolve unlocks its first evolution at level 30. Once you reach that point, a special Sync Pair Story mission will unlock. You’ll need to pay 5 Evolution Shards to take on the mission. You can get these from Tricia’s shop in the Pokemon Center.

The good news is that this is a one time fee. If you fail you can try again at no extra cost. Keep in mind that even though you’ve unlocked the mission, you may not be strong enough to complete it. Once you’ve finished the Story mission, your Pokemon will evolve.

Some Pokemon can evolve yet again to a Stage 3 Sync Pair. It’s the exact same process except at level 45. You’ll also need to use 3 Evolution Stones instead of 5 Shards.

When a pair is fully evolved it unlocks the team’s unique Sync Move.

There are a few exceptions to all of this, of course, like Brock and the Trainer who can not evolve and start the game out their unique Sync Move.

Obtaining Evolution Shards and Stones

While the existence of Evolution Shards and Stones in Pokemon Masters isn’t exactly unusual, the way of obtaining them is a bit strange. As we said, Tricia sells them at her shop, but she only has a small number on sale for cheap.

Evolution Shards are available in bundles of five for 1,000 Coins. You can only purchase two per month at this price, however. Evolution Stones on the other hand come in bundles of three for 5,000 Coins, but there’s only one available each month.

Technically, you can buy more than that per month, but the price skyrockets after that. So make sure to buy these at the reduced rate each and every month.

Pokemon Masters Mega Evolutions

Yes, Mega Evolutions have made the jump too. Unlike Pokemon X and Y, however, these moves aren’t available at the start of a match. Instead, all Mega Evolutions are tied to Sync Moves.

There is no way to unlock Mega Evolutions. Pokemon either have them or they don’t. That’s determined by the Pokemon itself. You don’t really unlock Mega Evolutions, instead you unlock Pokemon that have Mega Evolutions.