PlayStation Stars Guide: Release Date, How to Earn Loyalty Points

How to earn loyalty points and what rewards are in store with the PlayStation Stars program.

PlayStation Stars is a new loyalty program that is completely free to join, and promises different kinds of rewards that can be earned just by playing games or taking on different tasks, such as unlocking specific trophies. Rewards range from “digital collectibles” that are not NFTs, thankfully, as well as PSN wallet funds. But of course, it never is as easy as it sounds. This guide explains how PlayStation Stars works, as well as how to earn loyalty points.

PlayStation Stars Release Date – When Does the PlayStation Affiliate Program Launches?

At the time of publication there isn’t a fixed release date, but the announcement blog post says that “PlayStation Stars will be free to join when it launches later this year“. As for regions, it will roll out to Asia, the Americas, Europe, and more, so expect a worldwide launch. That being said, it could be the case that different regions have different release dates.

While there isn’t even a release window for now, at least we know that we can expect the program at some point in 2022. We’ll update this section as soon as we know more.

How PlayStation Stars Works and How to Earn Loyalty Points

Here’s the gist. This affiliate program, which is free to join, has you earning rewards by completing different tasks and activities. For every one of these you manage to complete, you’ll be granted a number of loyalty points.

Some of the activities include the following:

  • A so-called “Monthly Check-In” that requires you to play any game to receive a reward
  • Winning tournaments
  • Earning specific trophies
  • Being the first player to platinum a “blockbuster title in your local time zone”
  • Play a certain game online
  • Spending X amount of time playing a game

This is broadly what you can expect, but of course,  there are many details that are yet to be confirmed. Tournaments, for instance, tend to be tied to games directly from the developer’s side. Fortnite runs them all the time, but it’s unclear if PlayStation refers to on-going tournaments like this example or new events organized by them. In addition, we don’t know how many loyalty points each one of these tasks will actually earn you, but we’ll be updating this when we have more information.

PlayStation Stars Rewards List

Of course, all of that effort into earning loyalty points has a purpose, as you’ll be able to obtain a number of rewards in exchange. It’s worth noting that people who are subscribed to PlayStation Plus are going to earn additional points, so while the program is free for everyone, that’s definitely an advantage.

Overall, here are some of the expected rewards that you’ll be able to obtain using loyalty points:

  • PlayStation Network wallet funds (this, while this means “real money,” keep in mind that the amount won’t be huge)
  • Standalone games
  • Add-on content
  • Digital collectibles, which are 3D rendered representations of characters and devices from Sony and PlayStation properties (and no, they aren’t NFTs)

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That’s all we know about the rewards for now, so we’re yet to see exactly how this program will play out in the end. At the very least, it seems we won’t have to wait too long to figure it out.