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Persona 5 Strikers Recipe Guide - Every Recipe Location in Each City

Persona 5 Strikers is only a few weeks away, so it’s time to rally the Phantom Thieves together for one last adventure. Developed by Omega Force and P-Studio, Strikers is a radically different style of game than the smash-hit JRPG Persona 5. Combat is no-longer turn-based, but a mix of the army smashing battles of the Dynasty Warriors franchise and the strategic combos of Final Fantasy VII: Remake. Unlike Persona 5, players can actually cook food which can provide helpful stat buffs or lifesaving HP and SP. These are some of the best items in the game, so it’s critical you purchase every recipe you come across.

Keep in mind, you can buy any recipe you’ve missed via Sophia’s Shop. However, these will be at a vastly inflated price, which is not ideal. Instead, here’s where to find each recipe as you change hearts all throughout Japan. I will not be including the two recipes that Sojiro gives you at the start of the game or any you just automatically receive by playing through only the story. Below are all the missable recipes.

(Author’s Note: If you want to go into Persona 5 Strikers completely spoiler-free, I recommend bookmarking this guide and coming back to it as you reach each city.)

Persona 5 Recipe Locations


Gyutan Stew – Sekigan Butcher Shop

You can find the Gyutan Stew, head to Sendai Station, and turn left when you regain control of Joker. You will see a shop with a few lanterns hanging above the entrance near the stairs. You can find the Gyutan Stew, along with some Gyutan for the meal there. I recommend stocking up, not every supermarket in Japan carries these items!

Persona 5 Strikers Recipe

Salmon Bowl – Cafe Blue

The second recipe in Sendai is located in Mt. Aoba Park. From the RV, head down the street to your left until you reach the large, horizontal map to your right. Go through the crowd and approach the tiny stall with the green awning. If you completed the Zunda Supreme Request, this will be the same store. Speak to the woman to purchase the Salmon Bowl and add it to your collection.


Seafood Bowl – Roe, Urchin, & Crab

Once you arrive in Sapporo all the restaurants will be closed until you finish visiting the bathhouse and meeting your next target. After you’re tasked with gathering evidence, you’ll be free to explore North Suzushiro. When you gain control of Joker, head across the street on your left. You’ll see a seafood restaurant between a jazz hall and a beauty shop.

Miso Ramen – Sapporo’s No. 1 Ramen

From the seafood restaurant, head north and go down the first road you come across on your left. You should see Ryuji standing outside of a ramen shop. I know, I’m shocked too. Head near the entrance to trigger an interaction prompt. You can now purchase the Miso Ramen along with a Homestyle Ramen Set.

Jingisukan – Ann

Unlike the recipes above, you can actually earn this recipe by speaking to Ann. However, the recipe will only become available after you’ve progressed far enough into the Jail that you’re forced out by an army of Jack Frosts. After a brief interaction with the mayor, you’ll regain control of Joker. Instead of going into the Jail, head to North Suzushiro and find Ann. She should be hanging out with Ryuji outside of that seafood restaurant. Talking to her will earn you the Jingisukan recipe.


Goat Soup – Fukuhara Bento

The first recipe you can obtain in Okinawa will be right as you arrive on the island. Once you’re given control of Joker, make your way over to Makoto and Haru. Behind them is a very small Bento shop that can be easily overlooked. Go to the door and interact with it to bring up the store’s menu. You should see the Goat Soup there for a rather cheap price.

Okinawa Soba – Haisai HAMOA

After a brief animated cutscene involving the Phantom Thieves’ beach day, you’ll be given control of Joker at sundown. Instead of going on the beach, run across the road to the far side of this area. You should see a beachfront bar with the name of the restaurant out front. You can purchase the Okinawa Soba there.

Goya Chanpuru – Futaba

The final recipe in Okinawa is only available after you’ve beaten the Jail. Once you’ve completed the Jail, go speak to Futaba in the port. She will give you the recipe for Goya Chanpuru.


Crab Hot Pot – Crab Empire

Your next recipe won’t be available for a few hours after you enter the fourth jail. Once you arrive in Osaka, make your way to towards the shopping arcade. The Crab Hot Pot is available at the corner restaurant on the left by the bikes.

Osaka Sushi – Nanaya Sushi & Staples

Similar to the Crab Hot Pot, you can obtain the Osaka Sushi recipe once you arrive in Osaka and regain control of Joker. Head down the far left side of the shopping arcade where Ryuji and Haru are hanging out. You’ll find a small sushi shop where you can purchase this new recipe.

Okonomiyaki – Lucky Lucky

Once you’ve finished your shopping Dotonbori, head north to Shinsekai. When you arrive a brief interaction with your friends will play before you gain control of Joker. Make your way down the long street and stop at the third shop to your left. This will be Lucky Lucky, where you can purchase the Okonomiyaki recipe.

Kushikatsu – Yusuke 

In Shinsekai, make your way north towards the tower. If this is your first time passing through you’ll be beckoned to the Velvet Room first. After you leave, go talk to Yusuke who is standing by a shop. He will give you the recipe for Kushikatsu, which is a solid healing item for your entire party.

Obanzai – Obanzai Ingredients Request 

Back in Shinsekai, keep heading north until you see Zenkichi. Speaking to him will give you a Request that tasks you with convincing Haru and Futaba to help him cook. Accept the Request and go speak to Futaba who is directly behind them. After talking to her, go to Dotonbori and talk to Haru who will give you the Request, Obanzai Ingredients. Accept this, gather the groceries at both the Shinsekai supermarket and Sophie’s store. Once you give her the ingredients you’ll unlock this recipe.

Churrasco – Employee Course Correction

The next three dishes are simply tied to completing requests you’ll earn throughout the story. The first is Churrasco which is obtained by completing the Employee Course Correction.

Master Curry/Master Coffee

I’m lumping the last two together because they’re both tied to the Tree of Knowledge Request. The first is Master Curry which unlocks for completing the Tree of Knowledge stealth Request, which is actually pretty easy when compared to some of the other Requests you’ll get. The other is Master Coffee which unlocks after complete the Tree of Knowledge Mona cube Request.

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