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Persona 5 Strikers Persona Guide - How to Get New Personas

Persona 5 Strikers is only a few weeks away, so it’s time to rally the Phantom Thieves together for one last adventure. Developed by Omega Force and P-Studio, Strikers is a radically different style of game than the smash-hit JRPG Persona 5. Combat is no-longer turn-based, but a mix of the army smashing battles of the Dynasty Warriors franchise and the strategic combos of Final Fantasy VII: Remake. Just like other games in this JRPG franchise, players can collect, upgrade, and use powerful entities known as personas. Each persona is unique and tied to a specific element, which can be used to exploit an enemy’s weakness.

Obtaining and creating new personas is one of the most important aspects of powering up Joker. Here’s how to get, craft, and improve your personas in Strikers.

How to Get Personas

There are two ways to get new personas: find them in Jails or create them in the Velvet Room. The former is a random chance after every battle for any of the enemy personas you face to drop a mask. If that enemy drops a mask, run over it to add that persona into your collection. Its level and skills will be tied to the relative level of whatever Jail you obtain the mask in. For example, if you’re level 40 and go into one of the earliest jails, the average persona will be around level 15. To improve your chances at getting a new persona you can level up the Joker’s Wild Bond.

The other and best method is by constructing new personas in the Velvet Room. Unlocked fairly early on in Persona 5 Strikers, Joker will be able to visit this mysterious place. You will be given the option to create, enhance, or register personas. Select create to bring up a list of personas you make along, along with what level they will be once summoned. If you see a persona you like, typically the highest level one, select it to bring up that persona’s stat page. Here you can examine its current abilities, visual design, strengths, weakness, and crucially which personas you’ll need to sacrifice to make it.

See, if you want to make a new persona you’ll need to sacrifice two of the personas you currently own or have discovered/registered. However, they aren’t lost forever as some of their abilities may be carried over to this new persona. So if you want to ensure a specific stat buff spell is on your new persona, select it when given the option to carry over abilities. You will need to have room in your inventory to make a new persona and if you don’t have the required sacrificial personas in your inventory there will be a monetary cost to use them.

At the start, you will only be able to sacrifice two personas to make one, but this will expand to three, four, and five as you progress through the story. The latter will create the most powerful personas in the game, but you probably won’t be making them until very late in Strikers or during New Game Plus.

Keep in mind it’s not always advantageous to just sacrifice two slightly less powerful personas to make a new one. It’s important to have a robust roster that can use different elemental attacks or abilities. For example, I have a persona that has almost nothing but buff and debuff effects. Sacrificing him would only let me carry over around three of those buffs, which isn’t ideal. Always check to see which personas you’re giving up and what element the new persona appears to be.

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