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Path of Exile Archnemesis Challenges: How to Earn Archnemesis Rewards

A grind with no dime.

At long last, the Path of Exile Archnemesis League is here. Launching alongside the Siege of the Atlas expansion, you can already jump into the League and face the new horrors that lie deep within the Atlas of Worlds. With no shortage of both new and past content to parse through from scratch, there is an array of optional tasks to go through. Completing Archnemesis challenges will give you Archnemesis Microtransactions, and you can find the full list as well as the requirements for each below.

Archnemesis Challenges List – How to Earn Path of Exile Archnemesis Microtransactions

Archnemesis Microtransactions is the name for the rewards you can obtain by completing Path of Exile’s Archnemesis challenges. There are a total of 40 challenges, and you’ll obtain a reward per a specific number of completed challenges:

  • 12 challenges: Archnemesis Cold Character Effect
  • 24 challenges: Archnemesis Weapon Skin
  • 32 challenges: Archnemesis Lightning Character Effect
  • 34 challenges: Archnemesis Fire Character Effect
  • 36 challenges: Archnemesis Wings
  • 38 challenges: Archnemesis Prismatic Character Effect
  • 19-40 challenges: Archnemesis Challenger Trophy

You can see the full list of Archnemesis Challenges below:

  • Skill Up: Socket at least 6 Skill Gems at the same time.
  • Defeat Archnemeses I: Collect Archnemesis modifiers (10), defeat Archnemesis monsters (5), and complete an Archnemesis modifier recipe.
  • Exile Against the World I: Defeat a Rogue Exile, open a Strongbox, and defeat a monster holding an Essence.
  • Defeat these Act Bosses I: Act 1 — Merveil, the Twisted; Act 2 — Vaal Oversoul; Act 3 — Dominus, Ascendant; Act 4 — Malachai, The Nightmare; Act 5 — Kitava, the Insatiable.
  • Explore the Labyrinth: Open a Silver Chest, touch a Darkshrine, and obtain at least 3 Treasure Keys from defeating Izaro a single time.
  • Exile Against the World II: Touch a Mirror of Delirium, open an Abyssal Trove, and complete a Heist Contract.
  • Complete Vaal Side Areas: Complete 5 Vaal Side Areas by opening the Vaal Vessel.
  • Defeat these Act Bosses II: Act 6 — Tsoagoth, The Brine King; Act 7 — Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows; Act 8 — Lunaris, Eternal Moon and Solaris, Eternal Sun; Act 9 — The Depraved Trinity; Act 10 — Kitava, the Insatiable.
  • Unlock the Map Device: Unlock a personal Map Device for your hideout.
  • Exile Against the World III: Awaken a Legion, Defeat a Metamorph, and Unearth an Expedition encounter.

Path of Exile Archnemesis Challenges

  • Well Hydrated: Have 5 flasks of at least Magic rarity and 20% quality equipped, including at least 1 with an enchantment.
  • Defeat Archnemeses II: Arcane Buffer, Berserker, Bloodletter, Bombardier, Bonebreaker, Chaosweaver, Consecrator, Deadeye, Dynamo, Echoist, Flameweaver, Frenzied, Frostweaver, Gargantuan, Hasted, Incendiary, Juggernaut, Malediction, Opulent, Overcharged, Permafrost, Sentinel, Soul Conduit, Steel-infused, Stormweaver, Toxic, and Vampiric.
  • Power Overwhelming: Apply 6 or more Support Gem effects to a single Skill Gem at once.
  • Enchanted Arsenal: Equip enchanted items from 5 of the following item classes — Amulet, Belt, Body Armor, Boots, Gloves, Helmet, Ring, and Weapon.
  • Defeat Archnemeses III: Defeat Archnemesis monsters with 4 of the following combinations of modifiers: Arakaali-touched, Empowering Minions, Evocationist, and Solaris-touched. Assassin, Invulnerable, Lunaris-touched, and Temporal Bubble. Berserker, Bombardier, Effigy, and Frenzied. Bloodletter, Frost Strider, Ice Prison, and Sentinel. Brine King-touched, Flame Strider, Magma Barrier, and Shakari-touched. Executioner, Mirror Image, Soul Eater, and Treant Horde.
  • Achieve Ascension: Use the Ascendancy Device in each of the following labyrinths: The Labyrinth, The Cruel Labyrinth, The Merciless Labyrinth, and The Eternal Labyrinth.
  • Complete Vendor Recipes: Complete vendor recipes to receive each of the following items: Boots with an increased movement speed modifier, Exalted Shard, Hybrid flask, Jewel, Orb of Scourging, and a Six socket item.
  • Complete Kirac Missions: Complete 6 of the following mission types offered by Kirac: The Blight encounter, the Expedition, the Labyrinth Trial, the Rituals, defeat the Breachlord, defeat the Conqueror, find the stack of Divination Cards, and Open the Smuggler’s Cache.
  • Investigate Eldritch Altars: Use each Eldritch Altar type 10 times (Eater of Worlds Altar and Searching Exarch Altar).
  • Quality Equipment: Increase the quality of a weapon or piece of armor to at least 28%.

Path of Exile Archnemesis Challenges 2

  • Defeat Atlas Bosses I: Defeat The Black Star and The Infinite Hunger.
  • Transform Items: Transform items in 4 of the following ways: Assemble a Harbinger unique item. Use Jorgin’s crafting bench to create a Talisman in a Syndicate Research Safehouse. Use a Harvest craft to change an item into another item. Use a Vial to transform a unique item on the Altar of Sacrifice in the Temple of Atzoatl. Use an Ancient Orb.
  • Reach Level 90: Attain character level 90. This challenge still counts even if your character dies afterward.
  • Active Eldritch Beacons: Complete 30 maps with each Eldritch Beacon active: The Eater of Worlds (30), The Maven (30), and The Searing Exarch (30).
  • Jewel Master: Socket each of the following types of jewels: Crimson, Viridian or Cobalt Jewel. Abyss Jewel. Cluster Jewel. Prismatic Jewel. Timeless Jewel.
  • Unlock Eldritch Power: Craft each of the following Eldritch implicit modifier types on an item: Lesser Eater of Worlds implicit, Greater Eater of Worlds implicit, Grand Eater of Worlds implicit, Lesser Searing Exarch implicit, Greater Searing Exarch implicit, Grand Searing Exarch implicit.
  • Boons of the Atlas I: Complete 5 of the following encounters: Activate a Covetous Shrine, capture at least 15 Beasts in a single area, defeat a Bounty Target Pack, Defeat a Rogue Metamorph, Defeat a Vaal Flesh Merchant, defeat a monster holding a Deafening Essence, defeat a wild Harbinger boss, drop a Blood-filled Vessel from a Ritual, open a Hand of Xesht-Ula, and Open an Operative’s Strongbox.
  • Complete Unique Maps: Complete 15 of the following seventeen Unique maps: Acton’s Nightmare, Caer Blaidd Wolfpack’s Den, Death and Taxes, Doryani’s Machinarium, Hallowed Ground, Maelstrom of Chaos, Mao Kun, Oba’s Cursed Trove, Olmec’s Sanctum, Pillars of Arun, Poorjoy’s Asylum, The Coward’s Trial, The Putrid Cloister, The Twighlight Temple, The Vinktar Square, Vaults of Atziri, and Whakawairua Tuahu.
  • Defeat Atlas Bosses II: Defeat The Eater of Worlds and The Searing Exarch.
  • Allocated Atlas Passives: Allocate 100 Atlas Passive Skill points.

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Path of Exile Archnemesis Challenges 1

  • Night Terrors: Defeat each of the following bosses in an area of level 81 or higher: Amanamu, Liege of the Lightless. Kurgal, the Blackblooded. Olroth, Origin of the Fall. The Syndicate Mastermind. Uul-Netol, Unburdened Flesh in her Domain.
  • Boons of the Atlas II: Complete 3 of the following encounters: Defeat a Delirium boss and a Beyond boss within 10 seconds of each other. Defeat a Legion Sergeant while completing a Ritual. Defeat four Syndicate members, including a Leader, in a single encounter. Have 3 active Shrines buff at once. Open a Temple of Atzoatl with at least 4 tier III rooms.
  • Defeat the Elderslayers: Defeat the following boss encounters: Baran, The Crusader while the area has at least 80% Item Quantity. Veritania, The Redeemer while the area has at least 80% Item Quantity. Al-Hezmin, The Hunter while the area has at least 80% Item Quantity. Drox, The Warlord while the area has at least 80% Item Quantity. Maven’s Invitation: The Elderslayers while the area has at least 60% Item Quantity. Sirus, Awakener of Worlds.
  • Mysterious Orbs: Use 5 of the following currency items: Eldritch Chaos Orb, Eldritch Exalted Orb, Eldritch Orb of Annulment, Grand Eldritch Ember, Grand Eldritch Ichor, and Orb of Conflict.
  • Master the Atlas: Unlocked every Favored Map Slot (12).
  • Defeat Archnemeses IV: Defeat Archnemesis monsters with the following modifiers: Abberath-touched, Arakaali-touched, Assassin, Brine King-touched, Corpse Detonator, Corrupter, Crystal-skinned, Drought Bringer, Effigy, Empowered Elements, Empowering Minions, Entangler, Evocationist, Executioner, Flame Strider, Frost Strider, Heralding Minions, Hexer, Ice Prison, Innocence-touched, Invulnerable, Kitava-touched, Lunaris-touched, Magma Barrier, Mana Siphoner, Mirror Image Necromancer, Rejuvenating, Shakari-touched, Solaris-touched, Soul Eater, Strom Strider, Temporal Bubble, Treant Horde, Trickster, and Tukohama-touched.
  • Defeat Atlas Bosses in Style I: Defeat the following bosses in specific ways: The Black Star without being hit by Astral Avalanche. The Black Star while the area has “Monsters have increased Attack, Cast, and Movement Speed.” The Infinite Hunter without being dragged under 2 or more times. The Infinite Hunter while the area has “more Monster Life.”
  • Defeat Atlas Bosses in Style II: Defeat the following bosses in specific ways: The Eater of Worlds without beginning to drown. The Eater of Worlds while the area has patches of Chilled Ground. The Searing Exarch without being hit by any Rolling Meteors. The Searing Exarch while the area has “Monsters deal extra Physical Damage as Fire.”
  • Boons of the Atlas III: Complete 3 of the following encounters the specified number of times: Blighted maps (50), defeat Delve bosses (20), defeat Factions in the Domain of Timeless Conflict (100), defeat metamorphs in Tane’s Laboratory (60), Harvest Plots of seeds (300), and use Atlas Scouting Reports (100.)
  • Complete Endgame Grinds: Complete 4 of the following encounters the specified number of times: Trials of Ascendancy in Maps (50), maps with 5 Sextant modifiers (300), defeat Archnemesis monsters in an area of level 83 or higher (1000), defeat Elder or Shaper Guardians in maps (100), defeat Elderslayers in maps (100), and reach Level 100.

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