Oxygen Not Included Water Guide – How to Make & Conserve Water

As is true with life as we know it, water is the most important resource when it comes to keeping your Duplicants alive in Oxygen Not Included. While you don’t need drinking water to survive, your outpost will need it for food and making oxygen. We’ve got a few tips to both conserve the water you do have and make new water using the resources at your disposal.

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Choose Your Food Carefully

The Microbe Musher is an extremely popular method of making food. However, it uses a bunch of water! One Mush Bar requires 75kg of water and a Liceloaf needs 50kg. Upgrade that Microbe Musher to an Electric Grill or a Gas Range when possible as they provide a lot more kcals than the Musher can!

Make A Closed Circuit Water System

A lot of the water you use will end up polluted. It’s important to purify that water. Many players do this and build a closed circuit bathroom where both the showers and toilets create polluted water which is then purified and put back into the system. If you do this correctly you’ll never have to add any water to supply those two crucial systems!

The above video by Gearhead Gaming will walk you through how to do so. It may seem intimidating but that’s only because he uses more than a handful of water bridges when you can get away with only using one. However, their design is more flexible and is less likely to break due to patches.

Make Water with Ice Biomes

This method is crude perhaps, but you can always pump hot air into any Frozen Biomes near you. That’ll warm up the ice and melt it into liquid water. Gather the water wherever it pools and you’ve got more water at your disposal!

Make Water with Steam Geysers

There’s a variety of ways to cool down the air in any given playthrough. The most optimal way of massively cooling down the air is an Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier. These are found in Ice Biomes and there are only a few in each world. If that’s not available you can also pump hydrogen through pipes in the walls and utilize any Wheezeworts you find. The latter is an extremely lengthy process and isn’t recommended if you’re currently in a bind.

Keep in mind that the area with the steam vent is likely very hot! You’ll need to give your Dupes some protection. You’ll also want to build some sort of an airlock so all that hot air doesn’t rush into your base and overwhelm your systems. Make sure to construct some insulated tiles to keep that heat from seeping through to your base.

Every vent in the game has active and inactive times. A Researcher will be able to examine the vent and calculate these times. This should help you figure out how much water to save.

Hopefully this helps! It’s hard to provide specific instructions when each asteroid varies so much. As always, practice makes perfect. Keep trying to build these systems and eventually you’ll get it figured out.