Overwatch Loot Box Guide – How to Level Up Fast

The Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2018 event is here. And everyone needs loot boxes to get their mitts on the new cozy skins and cosmetics. These are the fastest methods to earn loot boxes and experience in the game.

Weekly Arcade Mode Wins

You can earn three loot boxes every week by winning games in the Arcade section. It’s up to you to play what you think will net you the fastest nine wins each week, but I’d suggest the unique event modes. Modes like Mei’s Yeti Hunt not only have fast queue times, because everyone is playing them, but they’re generally easier to win than, say, Mystery Heroes. You should also note that you only need to be in the top four in Deathmatch for it to count toward your wins every week.

Make sure to grab your wins in the Arcade every week (pro tip: grab two wins before the event patch day to get a head start). They go fast, so that’s why you’ll need to follow these other methods if you still don’t get every skin that you want.

Overwatch Loot Box

Quick Play

Many people have done the math on the most optimal way to earn experience in Overwatch. Whenever you level up, you gain a loot box, so whatever gets you the most experience should be the best way. But the reality isn’t so simple — especially since every match in the game can vary. You gain XP for earning medals, playing consecutive games, being grouped up, and winning maps the first time each day. Experience is also based on how long a game lasts.

You’d think the multiple rounds in Competitive would be the best way to earn experience, but that’s not true for most people. Not only would you have to consistently earn gold medals and win quickly, you’d also need to deal with all the stress of the mode besides. Custom Games have a similar issue. They may be long and plentiful, but they’re just not as good as the game’s primary mode.

That’s right! Quick Play is the answer. It’s the best way to earn experience in the game. It also helps to play with at least one other person. More people is always better to increase the experience multiplier, so use the Looking For Group tool.

If you really want to maximize your experience gains, you should play healers like Mercy, Moira, or Ana to secure a gold medal for healing in every game. Simply put, not enough people play healers. Tanks like D.Va and Winston are also good at staying alive and achieving gold medals for eliminations and objective time.

Ultimately, the experience gains from Quick Play aren’t high enough for you to completely stop playing your favorite mode during entire event month. If you have limited free time, go ahead and play whatever mode you want. Blizzard did a great job at making the difference in XP gains minimal. So simply playing the game is usually enough to earn loot boxes at a consistent rate.