Overwatch Baptiste Reunion Challenge Guide — Skins, Rewards, New Hero?

A chance for exclusive loot and an introduction to a possible Hero 31

Blizzard recently introduced the Baptiste Reunion Challenge, an event that celebrates the newest hero to join Overwatch, Baptiste. Players can earn up to 10 new items centered around Baptiste and read his new short story, “What You Left Behind” by Alyssa Wong.

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Overwatch Baptiste Reunion Challenge — Rewards

There are two methods for unlocking rewards in the Baptiste Reunion Challenge: winning games and watching Overwatch on Twitch.

To start earning your Baptiste loot, simply start winning either Quick Play, Competitive, or Arcade games. Winning 3 games awards the Combat Medic player icon, 6 games gives the Combat Medic and Mauga sprays, and at 9 games, players earn the new Combat Medic epic skin for Baptiste.

Additional rewards come from watching select streamers play Overwatch on Twitch. By linking a Battle.net account to Twitch and then watching a cumulative 2, 4, and 6 hours, six more sprays open up for Baptiste.

Be efficient and open up one of these streamers while working on getting 9 wins to earn the Baptiste skin:

The Baptiste Reunion Challenge is scheduled to end on Monday, July 1. All Overwatch events tend to last up to one extra day, but play it safe and don’t count on this happening.

Overwatch Baptiste Backstory — New Hero Mauga? and Introduction of Mauga

The story of “What You Left Behind” begins with Baptiste in his hometown of Port-de-Paix, Haiti. On the run from Talon, Baptiste is called back into service by his erstwhile employer to deal with a local menace. Knowing he would resist, Talon agents Mauga and Nguyen threaten Baptiste’s friend Dr. Mondésir and her troubled clinic to force his hand.

Bouncing back and forth between flashbacks of Baptiste’s flight from Talon, to the present where he’s helping to deal with Talon’s target, the short story both informs us about Baptiste’s past, and what happened in the world a few days after Winston’s recall signal for former Overwatch agents was issued.

But what has captured the attention of most fans in this story is Mauga. The amount of detail used to describe Mauga and his battle armor and weapons are above and beyond what most characters receive in such stories. Here are a few of the details described about Mauga, both major and minor, that have potential for game abilities and traits:

  • Body armor
  • Two giant guns
  • Energy shield to provide cover (similar to Reinhardt)
  • Plentiful supply of bullets
  • Coolant tanks on his back
  • Picks someone up and slams them against a wall
  • Friendly and fast-talking, but a dark killer underneath

Many of these traits also describe the Heavy Assault units seen in both the “Uprising” and “Storm Rising” events from the Archives event

The Heavy Assault units have large guns with large amounts of ammo, have coolant tanks on their backs, and pin enemies against the wall, but they lack a shield and any kind of personality at all other than yelling.

Will we be getting a hero version of the Heavy Assault units soon, or is this all speculation on the part of a community that loves to deep dive into lore? Blizzard alternates between releasing new maps and new heroes, and Havana being the most recent content released, we are due for a new hero very soon — we’ll have to wait and see to know if it’s Mauga.