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Overwatch 2 Ominous Portent Guide - How to Beat this Challenge

Overwatch 2’s first seasonal event is live, so it’s time to don your costumes, break out those jack-o’-lanterns, and gather some friends for co-op action. Similar to previous years, Halloween Terror reintroduces Junkenstein’s Revenge mode for a limited time. Along with this four-player mode, there are also a handful of cosmetic items that players can either purchase or unlock for free.

Of course, the main draw is the Wrath of the Bride mode, which has players take control of Junker Queen, Kiriko, Sojourn, or Ashe and battle their way through nightmarish terrors. There are also several challenges you can complete, some of which require you to achieve certain feats in this mode. One of these Overwatch 2 challenges is Ominous Portent, which requires you to witness all 7 Banshee moments in a single playthrough. Probably the most difficult challenge to do with a random group here’s how to beat this challenge:

Overwatch 2 Overwatch Ominous Portent

How to Beat Ominous Portent

To complete Ominous Portent, you’ll need to see all seven moments of the Banshee running around in the courtyard. This will be when you need to locate the key to open the gate, which will trigger the Moira boss fight. Thankfully, you have an unlimited amount of time to locate all seven Banshee sightings. Remember, you don’t have to personally see all of them, so long as your team triggers each of the moments you will complete this challenge.

When you arrive in the courtyard and are told to hunt the key, split your group up and start exploring the town around you. Moira will appear in several locations such as climbing on the roof of a house, running by the large, arch chokepoint you entered from, clamoring up the walls, and moving behind the gate by the back building. The one Banshee sighting that everyone seems to miss is in the tunnel on the far left side of the courtyard. This is below eye level, so you’ll need to run down the stairs (marked above) to reach the tunnel she is hiding in. Going down the tunnel will cause Moira to rush toward you and vanish. Remember, you need to spot all 7 sightings of her to complete this challenge so don’t grab the key right away.

You will know when you’ve completed the challenge because the name of the challenge will appear on the left side of your screen. The letters will be yellow, so it’s pretty hard to miss unless you’re looking away. Don’t worry if you fail or succeed, the challenge will be completed regardless. You will earn a Kiriko voice line for completing the Ominous Portent challenge in Overwatch 2. Remember, you have until November 8th to finish this challenge before it becomes unavailable.

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