Overwatch 2 Lantern Lit Guide – How to Beat this Event Challenge

How to complete the Lantern Lit challenge in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2’s first seasonal event is live, so it’s time to don your costumes, break out those jack-o’-lanterns, and gather some friends for co-op action. Similar to previous years, Halloween Terror reintroduces Junkenstein’s Revenge mode for a limited time. Along with this four-player mode, there are also a handful of cosmetic items that players can either purchase or unlock for free. Of course, the main draw is the Wrath of the Bride mode, which has players take control of Junker Queen, Kiriko, Sojourn, or Ashe and battle their way through nightmarish terrors. There are also several challenges you can complete, some of which require you to achieve certain feats in this mode. One of these Overwatch 2 challenges is Lantern Lit, which asks players to crouch by the lantern for 6 seconds when the Unstoppable Ghost is chasing them.

Overwatch Lantern Lit Challenge

How to Complete the Lantern Lit Challenge

To complete the Lantern Lit challenge in Overwatch 2 you’ll need to crouch by the lantern in the small side room when the Unstoppable Ghost spawns. Fight your way through the town until you breach the main gate and enter the castle. Across from you, the Unstoppable Ghost will spawn and slowly begin chasing one of the four players. When this happens, have the person who is targeted hang back while the other three run up the stairs where the ghost originally descended.

Directly up the stairs on the left, you will see a small, glowing green lantern on the ground. Quickly crouch by it for six seconds before the Unstoppable Ghost charges at your group. You will know when you’ve completed the challenge because the name of the challenge will appear on the left side of your screen. The letters will be yellow, so it’s pretty hard to miss unless you’re looking away. Don’t worry if you fail or succeed, the challenge will be completed regardless.

If you find the ghost is damaging you while you’re at the lantern, try to use Kiriko’s Protection Suzu to make your group invulnerable while they sit by the lantern. Again, this challenge will be a bit tricky if everyone is trying to get it at once. It’s much easier if you complete it in pairs, to ensure that the ghost isn’t rushing toward the people crouching by the lantern. This is the only location you can complete this, so don’t go looking for a lantern anywhere else in the castle.

You will earn 1,000 Battle Pass points for completing the Lantern Lit challenge in Overwatch 2. Additionally, you have until November 8th to finish this challenge before it becomes unavailable.