Nightwave Weekly Warframe Guide – Halls of Ascension, Tusk Thumper Location

The de facto Warframe battle pass, Nightwave, has more goodies for you Tenno.

Nightwave is the Warframe system of weekly and daily challenges — like a free battle pass! Completing challenges rewards players with Standing to increase their Nightwave level. Naturally, every level has its rewards. Nightwave can be accessed through your ship’s Navigation console, the Nightwave banner on the top right, or through radio scanner.

This week is fairly straightforward for veteran players. However, those who have neglected their standing farm in Fortuna or Cetus might have a difficult time catching up to be able to buy their Animal Capture equipment.

Also make sure you always have a healthy supply of Forma for any potential upgrade challenges.

In order to be able to complete the Elite Weekly Nightwave challenges, players must complete the main Warframe story missions up to The War Within. Only then can you access the challenges.

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Nightwave Weekly Challenges (4,500 Standing each)

Conservationist: Complete 6 different Perfect Animal Captures

You will need a Conservation gun and Lure from either Fortuna or Cetus. They can be purchased with Standing from those respective areas. Remember: Animal captures can now be performed on either Orb Vallis or The Plains of Eidolon.

Wherever you go, avoid trying to catch birds. They are far and away the most annoying to catch.

Good Friend: Help Clem with his weekly mission

Clem’s weekly missions can be accessed by speaking to Darvo in any Relay. They’re usually not very hard, so make sure to knock this Nightwave challenge out quickly.

Jailer: Complete 3 Capture missions

This one is pretty self-explanatory! Select any capture mission from the Navigation menu. Lower level ones work just fine, too.

Polarized: Polarize with Forma 3 times ‍

Upgrade a Warframe, Weapon, or Companion by using Forma. This can be done in the Upgrade menu under “Actions” when you are in your loadout. Bear in mind that this will reset your rank on that particular piece of equipment! And you won’t be able to Polarize the same one again until you boost it back to level 30.

Tusk Thumpin’: Kill a Tusk Thumper in the Plains of Eidolon

Tusk Thumpers spawn at random and only during the day. I recommend doing bounties while on the lookout for them. Tusk Thumpers tend to spawn in between missions. There are many spawn locations, but I have the best luck finding them around Hek’s Stiletto (the first big Grineer base straight out when you enter Plains of Eidolon).

To kill Tusk Thumpers, you need to shoot off their leg armor and then fire into the green, glowing vent. Weapons like the Catchmoon or Arca Plasmor can help, because of their large hitboxes. Warframes such as Nova (who can slow the Thumper) can also help with farming.

Warframe Nightwave Challenges

Nightwave Elite Weekly Challenges (7,000 Standing each)

Ascendant: Complete 4 Halls of Ascension on Lua

The Halls of Ascension are secret puzzle rooms on Lua (the Warframe name for Earth’s moon). Players who complete one of seven potential challenges will have access to a treasure room with rare mods. It does not matter which Halls of Ascension you complete.

Players will need to have completed The Second Dream quest to be able to access these missions.

Sortie Expert: Complete 3 Sorties

Sorties are series of three missions that players can repeat daily. Each mission has its own unique modifier and set of conditions, so pay attention to those when choosing an appropriate loadout! Since you only need to complete three, you can also afford to skip a few Sorties if one just proves too hard for you.

Players can access sorties with a level 30 Warframe and after completing The War Within quest.

That is all the tips for this week’s Nightwave challenges in Warframe. Good luck with the farm and check in next week for another Nightwave weekly guide!