MultiVersus LeBron Guide – Combos, Best Perks, Skins, Tips

Learn how to play as LeBron James with our guide on his moves, strengths, and weaknesses.

In MultiVersus, LeBron James is always accompanied by (you guessed it) a basketball. Whether he throws, dunks, or slams the ball against his opponents, he’s sure to score some Ringouts. However, it’s hard to learn LeBron’s attacks and combos all by yourself. Our LeBron guide will help you become a MultiVersus champion, icon, and legend.

LeBron James is a Bruiser class character, which means that he’s not quite as strong as an Assassin, but a lot sturdier. Unlocking him permanently will cost you either 2,000 Gold or 700 Gleamium.

MultiVersus LeBron James Abilities

Most of LeBron’s attacks involve a Basketball (no surprises there), but only his Special Attacks use the Basketball as a projectile. He either keeps the ball with him, performing melee attacks, or he throws it across the battlefield. The Special Side Attack ends up destroying the Basketball.

It’s important to memorize which attacks leave LeBron without his trusted ball, as the attacks change depending on whether he’s holding it or not. As a general rule of thumb, LeBron with his Basketball is stronger than LeBron without it. The way to regain it is by pressing the Special Neutral Attack button or landing a hit.

Normal Attacks

  • Neutral Attack (Ground): Charges a forwards shoulder dash, gaining Armor (preventing Knockback) throughout. Without a Basketball, LeBron charges a push.
    • Neutral Attack (Air): Spins the Basketball around, knocking away opponents in the process. Without a Basketball, LeBron pounds his chest twice, pushing enemies away.
  • Side Attack (Ground): Performs a combo of three swipes, each sending him higher into the air and ending with an alley-oop. If LeBron doesn’t have a Basketball yet, he starts this combo with a steal.
    • Side Attack (Air): LeBron pounds his Basketball against his opponent. Without a Basketball, he performs a steal.
  • Upwards Attack (Ground): LeBron spins the Basketball on his finger, launching the enemy upwards. Without a Basketball, he jumps upwards and swipes.
    • Upwards Attack (Air): Performs an alley-oop with the Basketball. Without a Basketball, he leaps upwards and swipes.
  • Downwards Attack (Ground): LeBron quickly sweeps his Basketball around his ankles, hitting multiple times. Without a Basketball, he does a downwards slam attack instead.
    • Downwards Attack (Air): LeBron tosses his Basketball downwards, through his legs. Without a Basketball, he swipes downwards.

Special Attacks

  • Neutral Attack (Ground): LeBron throws his Basketball as a projectile. By aiming directly after initiating the attack, LeBron can throw the Basketball behind him without looking. Without a Basketball, using this attack summons a new one. Summoning a Basketball comes with a cooldown.
    • Neutral Attack (Air): Same as ground.
  • Side Attack (Ground): Launches LeBron into the air, then dunks his Basketball downwards, creating a shockwave projectile on the ground while destroying the ball. Enemies hit by the shockwave will receive full stacks of Weakened (incurs greater knockback and damage when hit). Without a Basketball, he shoulder charges forward. If LeBron’s ally has thrown his Basketball and it has hit an enemy, LeBron will instead warp to the ball’s location and then perform the dunk.
    • Side Attack (Air): Same as ground.
  • Upwards Attack (Ground): LeBron shoots his Basketball upwards (diagonally) as a projectile. He can charge to delay the throw. Without a Basketball, he throws chalk upwards.
    • Upwards Attack (Air): Similar to ground, but LeBron shoots upwards before throwing the Basketball. Without a Basketball, he shoot upwards and swipes vertically.
  • Downwards Attack (Ground): LeBron slams his Basketball downwards as a projectile, after which it bounces into the air. Without a Basketball, he creates a fence projectile that blocks incoming projectiles. If a projectile is blocked, LeBron regains his Basketball.
    • Downwards Attack (Air): Similar to ground, but LeBron slams his Basketball through a hoop before shooting it downwards.

Passive Abilities

  • New Basketball: If LeBron doesn’t have a Basketball, he can obtain a new one by hitting an opponent.
  • Basketball Projectile: If LeBron hits an ally with his Basketball, it attaches to them. LeBron’s ally can then perform a directional attack to shoot the Basketball.
  • Alley-Oop Dunk: If the Basketball hits an enemy, it bounces upwards, granting LeBron an alley-oop dunk.

Best LeBron James Perks

Signature Perks

  • Hot Hands (Mastery Level 8): If LeBron completes a no-look pass to his ally, the Basketball is Ignited. If LeBron dunks an Ignited Basketball, he Ignites all damaged enemies and creates a firewall on the ground.
  • For Three! (Mastery Level 10): If LeBron or his allies hit enemies with a Basketball from far away, it causes the Basketball to explode, dealing damage and knockback to all nearby enemies.
  • Keep Possession (Mastery Level 12): When LeBron or his allies receive a pass, they gain gray health for a few seconds.

Best Perks to Equip

For most players, LeBron’s best Special Perk is For Three, which when utilized correctly deals more than twice the usual damage dealt by the Basketball. The only downside is that it limits your playstyle a bit (it requires distance between LeBron and his target) and advanced opponents may have an easier time dodging your throws. If you want some extra defense, especially as a newer player, Keep Possession is a great second choice. It’s important to know that catching the Basketball after it bounces back from an enemy counts as well, so you don’t need a pass from an ally.

The Special Perk called Hot Hands is a weird one. It’s generally considered the worst, because the no-look ally pass is too tricky to be reliable. However, if you’re very comfortable with LeBron’s playstyle and you’ve got amazing teamplay with your ally, this Perk does have a very high damage potential.

LeBron is all about projectile-throwing, so a Normal Perk like Make It Rain Dog (increasing projectile speed) is a great fit. Other strong projectile-based Perks are Deadshot (increased projectile damage) and That’s Flammable Doc (the ability to Ignite after a projectile hit). Triple Jump, granting a third jump after hitting an enemy, is always a handy Utility Perk.

How to Play as LeBron James in MultiVersus

LeBron Strengths

  • LeBron has very strong projectile gameplay. He’s a great character to take down opponents who are trying to climb back onto the platform.
  • LeBron is great for teamplay as he can pass his Basketball to an ally, allowing them to throw it as a projectile.
  • Thanks to the trusty Basketball, LeBron has great range. He can easily switch between melee attacks and hitting opponents from afar.

LeBron Weaknesses

  • LeBron relies on his Basketballs. Without one, he’s not that good.
  • Most of the attacks have a small hitbox.
  • There are a lot of different moves to learn. On top of his different air and ground attacks, LeBron has a different move set based on whether or not he holds a Basketball.
  • Even though LeBron is categorized as a hybrid, his attacks are more horizontally focused. This also means that his standard Normal Side Attack combo, launching him and the enemy upwards, can create a difficult position to land a follow-up move. On top of that, the third hit can be dodged.

LeBron Tips and Best Combos

  • Use the Basketball throw (Special Neutral Attack) twice or even thrice as the situation allows. If you hit an opponent from a short distance, the ball will immediately bounce back to you, giving you the opportunity to land a second hit right away. A double throw is an easy way to push opponents towards the platform’s edge.
  • Besides the Basketball throw, LeBron’s strongest move is the Special Side Attack, which performs a ground slam and applies Weakened. It’s a great finisher, but you can also use it early on to apply the debuff. Remember to use the Special Neutral to regain a Basketball afterwards.
  • LeBron’s Normal Downwards Attack is a great move to initiate combos. Here’s an easy one to start with: Jump, Normal Downwards (air), Normal Downwards (ground), and Neutral Special Attack (basketball throw).
  • For a more powerful variation of that combo, try this: Jump, Normal Downwards (air), Normal Downwards (ground), Normal Side attack (ground), Normal Upwards Attack (ground), jump, and Special Side Attack (air).

LeBron James Skins

Besides his default look (see left), there’s currently only one LeBron skin available in MultiVersus: the Sheriff LeBron cowboy-like outfit (right). This skin is based on a Space Jam: A New Legacy scene featuring LeBron James and Bugs Bunny in the wild west. You can buy it for 800 Gleamium.

The “LeRobin James” outfit is a rumored MultiVersus season one skin. This DC Universe-inspired skin (LeBron dressed up as Robin) is also based on a scene from Space Jam: A New Legacy.