MultiVersus Finn Guide – Combos, Best Perks, Skins, Tips

Learn how to play Finn in MultiVersus by understanding his kit, strengths, and weaknesses.

MultiVersus character Finn the Human, shortened to Finn, is one of the game’s most popular (if not the most popular) champions. However, without studying his Coin-spewing, face-slapping, and window-shopping attack patterns first, you may not be able to reach his full potential. If you need a MultiVersus Finn guide, look no further.

Finn is an assassin character whose moves are focused on horizontal combat. To unlock him as a permanent character you will need to spend 2,000 Gold or 700 Gleamium.

MultiVersus Finn Abilities

Since none of his air and ground attacks are the same, Finn has a lot of different moves to learn. One of the first things you’ll notice are the Coin drops. Try to pick them up after landing a hit, as they are used to strengthen special attacks and purchase team buffs.

Another very important thing to take note of is Finn’s Movement Charge passive ability. It means that you don’t need to stand still while charging ground attacks. You can initiate the attack, and then run left or right to charge it fully before releasing the button.

Finally, an often overlooked Finn ability is his Gem teleport (Special Downwards Attack in air). It can either be used to dash towards an enemy, or as a quick getaway after landing a combo. Remember: if Finn is out of Coins he throws a Projectile instead. It’s not very powerful, so don’t do this on purpose.

Normal Attacks

  • Neutral Attack (Ground): Charges a forwards chop.
    • Neutral Attack (Air): Performs a kick that breaks armor. If Finn hits an enemy, he dashes behind them. The dash has a cooldown (not the kick itself).
  • Side Attack (Ground): Charges a stab attack which can be followed up with a slashing combo.
    • Side Attack (Air): A combo attack consisting of two forward slashes. The second slash can be charged.
  • Upwards Attack (Ground): Charges an upwards slash. Launches Finn into the air.
    • Upwards Attack (Air): Performs an upwards punch.
  • Downwards Attack (Ground): Charges a short jump followed by a plunging stab downward, breaking armor and releasing a shockwave projectile that can hit multiple times.
    • Downwards Attack (Air): Performs a downwards chop attack.

Special Attacks

  • Neutral Attack (Ground): Performs a high five attack (face slap) that reflects projectiles. This attack can be charged. When Finn high fives an ally, he releases a large blast projectile around his location if the charge level is high enough.
    • Neutral Attack (Air): Similar to the ground version, but Finn bounces back after hitting a fighter.
  • Side Attack (Ground): Finn rushes forward shoulder first. This attack blocks projectiles. If the attack hits, he can move again immediately (otherwise there is a short delay). If Finn has dropped a Gem, he instead does the air version.
    • Side Attack (Air): Dashes through the air, ending with a sword swing. The hit has a Sweetspot at the end of the move. If Finn dashes towards a fighter or Coin, he moves further and deals more damage. If he has dropped a Gem, he teleports back to its location.
  • Upwards Attack (Ground): A spinning attack that repeatedly hits enemies caught in its Vacuum. The more Coins in Finn’s possession, the stronger the final hit. However, a successful hit costs you Coins.
    • Upwards Attack (Air): Similar to ground, but Finn flies upwards during the attack.
  • Downwards Attack (Ground): Uses a Coin to buy a buff. The options from left to right are a stack of Hasten which costs 500 Coins and increases team movement speed; a stack of Booty which costs 600 Coins and grants team a projectile shield when he charges attacks; or BMO which costs 1000 Coins and buys a chop attack.
    • Downwards Attack (Air): Finn pays some Coin to throw a Gem. He dashes to the Gem by doing his Special Side Attack. If he has no Coin, he throws an eaten apple item that deals minor damage to enemies.

Passive Abilities

  • Fat Stacks: Finn uses Coins to boost his special attacks. Enemies drop Coins upon hit, which can be picked up by Finn or an ally to increase Finn’s Coin count.
  • Movement Charge: Finn can move while charging attacks on the ground, but his attacks only gain power if he moves. His Special Neutral Attack (ground) charges whenever he moves, even if he is not attacking.
  • Glass Cannon: As an Assassin, Finn is faster and stronger than other characters, but also takes 14% additional damage.

Best Finn Perks

Signature Perks

  • Going Out of Business (Mastery Level 8): All three shop items receive a 200 Coin discount for ten seconds after Finn’s ally is rung out. The discount is permanent after Finn reaches 100 damage.
  • On the House (Mastery Level 10): Generates a free Gem after connecting a fully charged ground attack.

Best Perks to Equip

Finn’s first Special Perk, Going Out of Business, is the number one choice for new players as it helps you recover from a bad start. The projectile shield is particularly helpful in that scenario. However, advanced players who have mastered the Gem teleport ability should pick On the House. Instead of “waiting” for the damage-based shop discount, you can land the fully charged ground attacks whenever you want.

Finn’s standard Offensive Perk, Wildcat Brawler, offers five percent extra melee damage for ground attacks. It’s a great perk for new players, but you ultimately want to do more air attacks. A perk like the Snowball Effect, which increases damage dealt against the fighter with the highest damage, is a good alternative.

In terms of defense, it’s always good to improve your dodging ability with a perk like Slippery Customer (longer dodge window) or Boundless Energy (faster invulnerability recharge). Finn is an assassin, after all. Finally, Triple Jump is the best Utility Perk as it allows for better aerial combos and more Ringout chances.

How to Play as Finn in MultiVersus

Finn Strengths

  • Finn’s normal attacks are straightforward and easy to chain, making him a great starter character for new MultiVersus players.
  • Once an opponent is caught in the Special Upwards Attack, backpack spin, it will deal a ton of damage before they can escape.
  • Finn is incredibly fast and covers a lot of ground with his charged ground attacks or normal side attacks, especially after receiving some Hasten stacks.
  • Finn has useful support abilities thanks to his Special Downwards Attack’s Coin shop.

Finn Weaknesses

  • The Coin mechanism can be annoying, as they tend to drop away from the character. If you jump off-platform in an attempt to grab it, it may result in an unfortunate Ringout.
  • Fully charging the ground attacks can be hard. Not so much the high five, as they charge automatically without the need to trigger them first, but the stab attack (Normal Downwards) and upwards slash (Normal Upwards) need additional movement after initiation. It’s best to practice this in The Lab before going into combat.
  • If you’re off to a bad start, it can be hard to come back from that. No hits means no Coins, which means no powerful backpack swings and upgrades.
  • Of course, as an Assassin, Finn receives more damage.

Finn Tips and Best Combos

  • Don’t be too fixated on Coins. It’s not worth messing up your combos. As you get 100 Coins per hit, you can stack them up quickly even if you miss a few.
  • It’s often a good idea to end your combos with the backpack swing (Special Upwards Attack). One of the easiest combos to start with is a Normal Upwards Attack (launching you into the air) followed by the backpack swing.
  • Another easy combo, resulting in armor break, is the Normal Upwards Attack (ground) followed by the Normal Neutral Attack (while in air). This is especially handy early on, before the enemy has higher knockback.
  • Once the enemy is knocked further away, a good method to cover the distance is to use the Normal Side Attack (three hit combo) and then the Normal Downwards Attack. That way, after your opponent is launched backwards, you jump after them while performing a stab attack.
  • If you’re looking for an amazing (but difficult!) combo to Ringout your enemy upwards, try to jump and use your backpack swing twice. Then use jump again, followed by a kick (Normal Neutral Attack) and the Normal Upwards Attack.

Finn Skins

Good news if you want the Pajama Finn skin (middle); it’s rewarded for free upon reaching pre-season Battle Pass level 15. No need to buy the premium Battle Pass. As the name suggests, the Pajama Finn skin is based on his pajamas as seen in the Adventure Time series.

Leaks around the internet suggest that a second skin is about to arrive soon: the green Fern outfit (right). This skin is based on Finn’s grass-demon doppelganger who appears in the eighth season of Adventure Time.