MTG Zendikar Rising Guide – Card Spoilers, Release Date, Expeditions, & More

Perhaps the most iconic plane in the history of Magic: The Gathering is returning for a third time this year. Titled “Zendikar Rising,” this set will take place after the mighty Eldrazi has been defeated. With many players speculating that the story will revolve around planeswalkers’ Nahiri and Nissa, it will be intriguing to see how Wizards of the Coast develops this world without their main antagonists. With previews beginning tomorrow, it’s time to look at what this set as to offer for both paper and MTG Arena players.

General Information

  • Name: Zendikar Rising
  • Release Date: September 17 (MTG Arena), September 25 (Physical)
  • Number of Cards: 280
  • Mechanics: Landfall, Dual Lands, Kicker, Party, Counters
  • Format Legality: Standard, Pauper, Brawl, Historic, Draft, Sealed, Modern, Legacy, Commander, Pioneer, Vintage

Zendikar Rising Release Date

If you’re looking to play Zendikar Rising as soon as possible then you’ll want to play MTG Arena on September 17th. The entire set will be available, allowing you to open digital booster packs and use the cards in the game’s various formats. For those that prefer paper cards, you’ll need to wait until; September 25th to get your hands on this set. Keep in mind that pre-release events will still be a case-by-case basis due to COVID-19. Some places, like my local game store in New Jersey, are still closed for big events, while others throughout the country are open. If you’re unsure, I recommend contacting your LGS to see if they are holding events or selling pre-release kits.

Zendikar Rising Teaser Trailer

Zendikar Rising Price

Similar to other Standard sets, a booster box of Zendikar Rising will average between $95-100. We severely doubt that this price will rise unless Wizards of the Coast does something insane and reprints “Fetch Lands” in the set. Of course, the more expensive option is the Collector Boosters, which offer premium foil, full art, and alternate art cards. Each booster pack costs $20, with the Collector Booster Box ranging between $210-220 depending on where you purchase it.

If you are looking to resell cards I recommend buying the Collector Boosters, as the typical foils and regular cards plummet in price. However, for those simply enjoying the game casually or to obtain cards for standard, than a normal Booster Box is your choice. That being said, given how rapidly the meta has been shifting, it might be best to just wait and buy singles instead of the entire box.

Zendikar Rising Announcement Stream

Following in Ikoria’s massive footsteps, Wizards of the Coast will be hosting an announcement stream for Zendikar Rising. You can check it out on Youtube at 8:00 a.m. PT/11:00 a.m. ET tomorrow morning.

Zendikar Rising Cards

At the time of writing this only two cards have been officially revealed. However, there have been several leaks and rumors surrounding the set. Two of the most intriguing is a Nissa planeswalker card that is both Green and Black. This would not only be her first time utilizing black mana but could suggest a darker change for her character. The other is flip lands, which are essentially basic lands that you can decide what they are upon being played. For example, one of these flip lands would be able to produce either red or blue mana depending on what side you chose. Of course, this is a rumor so we will have to wait and see if there is any validity behind this leak.









Lands/Dual Lands

Zendikar Rising Expeditions



Zendikar Rising Trailer