MTG Arena Nyx Lands Guide – How to Get the New Basic Lands

The next set for MTG Arena is less than a week away and Wizards of the Coast has dropped some new information about what to expect. Along with a plethora of new cards, Theros: Beyond Death is introducing special, full-art Nyx Lands. One of the first cards revealed these Nyx Lands feature gorgeous mana symbols surrounded by Theros’ signature starfield design. Destined to be some of the most popular lands in the game, there are two ways you can unlock these gorgeous styles.

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How to Get MTG Arena Nyx Lands

Currently, there are two ways to get the Nyx Lands in MTG Arena – one of which is not live yet. The first is by using the code in the Elspeth, Undaunted Hero or Ashiok, Sculptor of Fears Planeswalker decks. These are physical decks with real cards in them, but the package includes a code that will unlock either the Swamp, Island, or Plains Nyx Lands depending on which one you purchased. Each of the decks costs roughly $15 depending on where you buy them. Alternatively, you could always buy the codes from the decks on a third party website like eBay for a much lower price.

We do not recommend this since Wizards of the Coast just announced how players can obtain these awesome card styles. Surprisingly, they are not going to be sold for Gems but can be obtained by spending 3,000 gold a style. This means for a Nyx Land variant of all five basic lands you will need to spend 15,000 gold. There appears to be no Gem alternative cost, so make sure to start hoarding your money! While they aren’t live yet, players can buy these Nyx Lands when the next update drops on February 11.

For those short on gold, make sure to complete every Daily Challenge when you hop on MTG Arena. These can award a decent amount of in-game money, which is great for those of us who use gold to enter events such as Drafts. Additionally, the Mastery Pass is another way to obtain a decent amount of money since every few levels gives out 500 gold. Since there are no events running that reward players with gold, these are your best ways of farming before the Nyx Lands launch.

There’s been no word how long these lands will be available, but given their sheer popularity, we doubt the purchase window will be short.