Unlocking the Palico Gadgets – Monster Hunter: World Guide

Your Palico is your trusty companion in Monster Hunter: World. If you’re hunting alone or with one other hunter, your Palico will help you fight and keep the heat off of you. How your Palico can help support you depends on what Palico Gadget they have equipped, but you need to unlock most of these Gadgets and level them up in order for them to be of use. Our guide will get you everything you need to make your Palico your strongest fighting partner.

Unlocking Palico Gadgets in Monster Hunter: World

Palico Gadgets are used by your Palico to support the hunter when not using a full party. The type of support depends on the Gadget, from healing to grabbing extra materials to offering buffs. Gadgets need to be unlocked and leveled up for the full effect.
You’ll get the Vigorwasp Spray at the start of the game, which offers occasional extra healing. The other Gadgets, however, must be unlocked by becoming friendly with the wild Grimlakynes in each area.

Flashfly Cage

The Flashfly Cage, as the name implies, allows your Palico to occasionally flash and stun enemies. The gadget basically functions like a free Flash Pod that your buddy sets up for you. It’s easy to get, but you’re not going to want to equip this if you’re fighting Lunastra. Arch-Tempered Kushala Daora is also more resistant to flashes of all kinds, compared to its normal breed.
For this gadget, head to the upper areas in the Ancient Forest. You can start at the campsite in area 17 unlocked if you already have it. Otherwise, you’ll start the process of unlocking the site while working on this gadget.
Near the base of the upper branches, you’ll spot a tiny Grimalkyne. It’ll run off, but by chasing it, you’ll return to the campsite. Swing across the vines and drop down to the hideout of the Bugtrappers. Your Palico will talk to them, and you’ll unlock the Gadget.
monster hunter world palico gadgets


The Shieldspire brings out a shield that both protects your Palico and draws the monster’s attention away from you. It’s helpful if you’re wielding a ranged weapon and need the chance to get a good shot in, so it’s perfect for Heavy Bowgun users trying to play solo.
You’ll have to head to the Wildspire Waste for this Gadget. There’s a Grimalkyne in area 8. Follow it and jump down the hole near the top of the area map to make it to the Protector tribe’s camp. You’ll be asked to go and help out three wayward Protectors marked on the map. Use your Capture Net to grab them, return to the tribe’s hideout, and the Shieldspire is yours!

Coral Orchestra

The Coral Orchestra is a Palico Gadget built solely for support. Your Palico plays the drums and horn, giving you various boosts such as attack and defense up, earplugs, and so on. It’s similar to having a Hunting Horn user in the party. Although the gadget is a little less effective.
Obtaining the Coral Orchestra has you go, unsurprisingly, to the Coral Highlands. You’ll have to find the Grimalkynes riding on Shamos around area 10 and fight them. Once you beat them, you can access the Trouper’s hideout in area 11. You’ll be asked to take on a quest, “Troubled Troupers,” which has you hunt two Tzitzi-Ya-Ku. Finish the quest, return to the tribe, and the Coral Orchestra is yours.


The Plunderblade is a Palico Gadget that lets your companion steal extra materials from the monsters you fight. It’s a great gadget when you’re grinding out specific monsters for making good gear sets and pairs super well with the Bandit Mantle.
To obtain the Plunderblade, you’ll have to befriend the Grimalkynes of the Rotten Vale: the aptly named Plunderers. Head to area 13 and make your way to the large rib cage in the area. You should run across a Grimalkyne here. It’ll run away, so make sure to follow it. It will eventually run into the Plunderers’ camp. Your Palico will talk to the tribe and you’ll unlock the Plunderblade, as well as the Tailriders for the Rotten Vale!
monster hunter world palico gadgets

Meowlotov Cocktail

The Meowlotov Cocktail is the final Gadget you can unlock. This gadget flat-out lets your Palico lob bombs at monsters, doing great damage. Unlocking the Meowlotov Cocktail requires befriending the ever-annoying Gajalaka, and it’s not an easy process.
First, you must unlock the other previous Palico Gadgets. Then, you can take on the “Gajalaka Linguists” bounty. You’ll have to find 10 Gajalaka Markings around the other areas. I recommend going to the Elder’s Recess and heading behind the main campsite, as the markings often appear there.
Now, you can take on “Gajalaka Linguists II,” which is where things really get serious. You’ll find the Lynian Researcher in area 8 of Elder’s Recess. He’ll tell you to come back at nightfall. Pass the time (but don’t end the expedition) and come back.
You need to sneak past some sentries to get to the Gajalaka hideout. It can be difficult, since it’s not like anything else in Monster Hunter: World, but the Ghillie Mantle helps a lot. Equip it and just walk on by. Make it inside the hideout and you’ll befriend these Grimalkyne tribe — as well as unlock the Meowlotov Cocktail.
And there you have it! Those are all the Palico Gadgets in Monster Hunter: World. Of course, you still need to level them up by letting your Palico use them in battle. It’ll take a while, but we know you can do it. Good luck out there!