How to Beat Legiana – Monster Hunter: World Guide

While working through the main story of Monster Hunter: World, you’ll come across a variety of different beasts you’ll need to take down. Legiana is one such monster and may be difficult to take down on your first try. Our Monster Hunter Legiana guide will prepare you for this icy creature.

The Basics of Legiana in Monster Hunter: World

You first run across Legiana when exploring the Coral Highlands. Eventually, you’ll get a main assignment called “Legiana: Embodiment of Elegance” to take it down. This monster hangs out in the higher areas of the map, so if you’ve unlocked the campsite in area 12, you’ll want to start your hunt there.

Legiana is currently the only ice element monster in the game, though that is likely to change with the release of Iceborne. However, that can make it difficult to handle Legiana’s unique attacks. This beast tends to keep to the air and use its ice attacks from above. If you use melee weapons, pick one with a longer range and know your upwards attacks (like the upward swing and overhead smash on the Gunlance). Make sure to also bring Flash Pods to stun Legiana and bring it down. You can even bring unaltered flashbugs to craft them into more pods on the fly. That pesky inventory limit shouldn’t be such a problem, now.

monster hunter world legiana

The Legiana Armor Set

The rare materials for Legiana are the Legiana Plate and Legiana Gem — for low rank and high rank hunts respectively. They’re needed to create pieces of the Legiana Mail set, which offers good ice and decent water resistance. The complete high rank Alpha Legiana set also offers the following skills:

  • Ice Attack Level 3 – Adds 100 to your ice elemental attack.
  • Ice Resistance Level 2 – Adds 12 to your ice resistance.
  • Divine Blessing Level 3 – Gives a 25 percent chance to decrease damage by 50 percent.
  • Evade Window Level 3 – Increases your invulnerability window (the max level for this skill is Level 5, so this provides a mid-level increase to your evasion window)
  • Airborne Level 1 – Jumping attack power increases by 10 percent.
  • Windproof Level 1 – Slightly reduces the effects of minor wind pressure.
  • Critical Draw Level 1 – Increases affinity on your draw attack (the first attack when you unsheath your weapon) by 30 percent.

The Beta armor offers lower level skills overall and cuts the Windproof and Critical Draw skills altogether. The trade-off is that it offers more slots to include decorations.

Equipping multiple pieces of the Legiana armor set also earns you Legiana Favor. Two pieces of the set give Good Luck, which raises the chance of better quest rewards. With four pieces, you get Bow Charge Plus, which increase the maximum bow charge by one. Naturally, that’s a good boost to have when hunting this airborne beast.

Tips on Hunting Legiana in Monster Hunter: World

Legiana, as an ice elemental monster, is unsurprisingly weak to fire. However, it’s greatest weakness is actually thunder. You may be fighting Legiana before you take on the thunder Elder Dragon Kirin, but you can fight Tobi-Kadachi to prepare some Kadachi weapons for the fight.

The head, wings, and tail of Legiana are all breakable. Legiana will even move far closer if you manage to break its wings. Due to the creature being airborne and speedy, however, it’s not an easy task even if you’re wielding a ranged weapon. If you’re using a bladed weapon, it’s best to try for cutting the tail for extra carves and chances at rare material.

The biggest issue when fighting Legiana is proper ice resistance. The Death Stench set cuts down on ice damage considerably. The problem is that the set requires Sinister Cloth, which is only acquired semi-randomly through Tailraider Safaris, and its skills are somewhat situational. Of course, the Legiana set also offers ice resistance. However, it may be best to put on your highest defense armor and equip a few ice resistance decorations to lower the chance of Iceblight, which makes most actions drain more stamina.

Bringing the Iceproof Mantle is immensely helpful. Legiana eventually covers its entire body in ice to deal more elemental damage. That’s the best time to rely on your mantle. Otherwise, try to dodge like in any other fight. Finally, Legiana is weak to most ailments. Poison is especially potent. The ailment even seems to slow the creature down a bit during battle.

And there you have our tips on taking down Legiana in Monster Hunter: World! We hope you feel better equipped to tackle this icy master of the skies. Happy hunting.