Monster Hunter World Guide – How to Beat Lunastra

The PC version of Monster Hunter: World has a new monster to hunt. And she’s going to be a challenge. Lunastra may look a lot like another Elder Dragon, Teostra, but she’s far more dangerous. We’ll give you the breakdown on what to expect from Lunastra and all the tools you need to beat her… Although surviving is another story.

Unlocking Lunastra’s Quests

Like many of the post-release monsters, you can’t unlock the Special Assignments that eventually lead to Lunastra until after you complete the main quest. The first quest isn’t available until Hunter Rank (HR) 16. However, you also need to finish the quest line for Deviljo. So finish everything involving him before moving on to Lunastra.

The Blazing Sun: The first quest in Lunastra’s story, is relatively easy. Speak to the Huntsman to unlock it. All you need to do is defeat Teostra in the Wildspire Waste. At this point in the game, you’re probably used to fighting this Elder Dragon. So just knock him out to unlock the next quest.

Pandora’s Arena: Now things get interesting. A wounded Teostra has fallen into the Arena, so it’s up to you to take care of the threat… but things don’t go as expected. The objective shifts to driving Lunastra away in under 15 minutes. Given that the Arena is a very small area and Lunastra is no pushover, this is a very challenging quest. It’s best to get help from friends or send out an SOS flare.

No Remorse, No Surrender: For the final stage of the Lunastra quest line, you need to defeat both Lunastra and Teostra in the Elder’s Recess. This is a lot easier said than done. Lunastra and Teostra follow similar paths. And, unlike other monsters, they won’t fight each other. We’ll get into that more below.

After No Remorse, No Surrender, you unlock optional quests to hunt Lunastra, as well as obtain the Temporal Mantle. It’s an incredible Tool that lets you automatically dodge special attacks.

Fighting Lunastra

Of course, in order to complete these quests, you’ll need to know how to survive Lunastra’s onslaught. She shares some moves with Teostra, but almost all of them are more powerful or sport another wrinkle that makes her harder to take down.

Lunastra bounds around and swishes her tail like Teostra, but both of these attacks do more damage than you may expect. On top of that, they have a high chance to leave flaming spots on the ground. Those do consistent tick damage if you stand in them. That’s a problem for close-range fighters. When Lunastra becomes enraged, it’s hard to get close while dodging the ever-increasing number of flame patches.

On top of this, Lunastra herself is so hot, she might as well be on fire. There’s an actual heat aura around her. If you get close, you’ll take continuous damage—unless you drink a Cool Drink. Combined with the flames, the damage over time adds up. And the Cool Drink does not cancel out the effects of the flames on the ground. Be careful!

Lunastra is even more dangerous when she’s enraged. Her attacks do more damage and she produces more fire on the ground. But the real kicker is Lunstra’s special ability: supernova. It produces two fire blasts (as opposed to Teostra’s one) and will set you on fire. The attack itself has wild range, too, making it very difficult to get away.

If you see Lunastra jump up while enraged, run for dear life. Start chugging a potion if you do get caught. And more importantly, avoid her blue ground flames. Those explode! You might not be able to finish the potion, either. The nova waves deal wind pressure damage and will knock you back. The Windproof skill can negate this, but we don’t recommend it unless you’re really having trouble with this specific attack. There are more important skills to use against Lunastra (like Fire Resistance).

And don’t think the tactics you used against Teostra will work here, either. With proper timing, a player could completely cancel out Teostra’s special move with a Flash Pod. This does not work with Lunastra. In fact, using Flash Pods with the Empress is a very bad idea. Except during a specific moment when Lunastra in is the air, Flash Pods immediately enrage Lunastra and launch her special move. That’s just a bad time and liable to get one or more of your teammates killed.

Luna and Teo Tag Team

During the Lunastra side quest (plus certain events and investigations) you might need to defeat both Lunastra and Teostra. In any other circumstances, that would be a good thing. Other monsters in World fight one another when they meet. This is not the case here; Lunastra and Teostra will team up to defeat you. It can make an already challenging fight seem nearly impossible.

The two Elder Dragons tend to follow the same paths on the field and Dung Pods don’t separate them. You can lure one out of an area by pinging them with damaging Pods, but it’s difficult to pull off alerting one without the other.

Additionally, if both Lunastra and Teostra become enraged, they have a chance of bonding and launching an ultra-powerful supernova. If you’re caught in the crossfire, and not stocked up on Fire Resistance, you will probably die. Painfully. It’s difficult to separate the two, but try to by focusing damage on one instead of the other.

Otherwise, keep a close eye on the area exits. The supernova animation is long and obvious. So you might have time to run away. And keep a Farcaster in your pocket to book it as soon as you see the notification “Bonded!” on-screen.

Monster Hunter Lunastra mhw

Other Lunastra Tips

So you know what Lunastra can do, but what can you, the player, do to survive this fiery fiend? Here are some general tips:

Fire Resistance is your best friend. Build your armor set to have as much as possible. All of Lunastra’s most damaging attacks are fire-based, unlike Teostra’s blast-centric abilities.

Bring your Fireproof Mantle. The Fireproof Mantle can be a lifesaver in this fight, as it also helps to reduce damage. Pop on the Mantle a little while after Lunastra gets enraged. Her special will be less likely to kill you.

Range is king. If you’re proficient in ranged weapons, they work great during the Lunastra fight. Her flames can burn your arrows mid-flight, but keeping your distance is generally better than being up close and personal. Don’t get hit by that terrifying special move!

Bring a Dragon element weapon. Lunastra is weakest to the Dragon element. A lot of your armor build will be dedicated to Fire Resistance, so any boost to damage you can get is good.

Wide-Range can save a life. The Wide-Range skill makes every Potion or Drink you chug affect your nearby teammates. They only get a percentage of the benefit, at first, but maxing out the skill increases its power and range. If you get out of the range of Lunastra’s special, but see someone else caught in the Empress’ fury, you can drink a Potion to try and get them a little extra health. Even a low-level Wide Range can be just enough health for them to survive and put out the fire. To top it all off: Lunastra’s armor set provides Wide-Range itself.