Monster Hunter: World Crafting Guide: Resupplying in the Field

Running out of flash pods in the middle of the fight? Needing to return to camp to grab more Mega Potions? Monster Hunter: World’s strict item limits and small inventory can be hard to get around. However, veteran hunters know some workarounds that can help save you during tough hunts!

For this Monster Hunter: World guide, we’ll teach you how to make extra items on the fly. There are a few methods of doing this, and all of them will help you during hunts.

Bring Your Ingredients

Before you can make items on the field, you need the ingredients to make them first! Since you can only use the items in your inventory, you need to stock up on extra stuff to make the items you’ll need in the heat of battle. With limited inventory space, you’ll need to prioritize the extra ingredients to take with you. An added trade-off is that you won’t be able to gather nearly as many items while out there. If the assignment is for an easier monster, you might just want to forgo bringing extra ingredients.

With that out of the way, it’s time to talk about the ingredients themselves. You can check what’s needed to create each item from the Crafting Menu, but here’s a quick cheat sheet for some of the more common items you’ll want to make:

  • Flash Pod – Flashbug
  • Mega Potion – Potion + Honey
  • Max Potion – Mega Nutrients + Mandragora
  • Lifepowder – Godbug + Blue Mushroom
  • Shock Trap – Trap Tool + Thunderbug

You can only carry three Flash Pods at a time. They’re useful against most beasts, so you’ll probably want to bring along extra Flashbugs for most assignments. Extra items for healing will be helpful against monsters that dish out a ton of damage in one blow, notably Behemoth and Tempered monsters.

So you have the materials in hand, but how do you make the items in the field? There are two ways you can do this.

The Crafting List

If you pick up the proper ingredients directly, you can have Monster Hunter: World auto-craft the items for you. However, that doesn’t work for the items you already have in your inventory.

The first thing you can do is go into the pause menu. Navigate over to the Crafting List, and as long as you have the ingredients, you can make the items you need.

However, this isn’t easy to do if Nergigante is breathing down your neck. Thankfully, there’s a second option that you can do to make items even in the middle of battle.

The Radial Menu and Radial Wheels

In Monster Hunter: World, the Radial Menus and Radial Wheels can be immensely helpful. They may not be immediately intuitive for new hunters though. With the Radial Menu, you can set various actions to wheels, such as using items, setting pings and commands to direct other hunters, and even crafting items.

To use the Radial Menu, hold the L1 or Left Bumper. From there, you use the D-Pad to choose one of the shortcut wheels, and finally use the right stick to navigate to item or action you want to do.

To add crafting options to the Radial Wheel, go to the pause menu and go to Customize Radial Menu. From there you can choose all sorts of options for the Wheels. Having the crafting options on a Radial Wheel will let you be able to craft new items in a few button presses—important for the heat of the battle!

There is an additional benefit to using the Radial Menu. If you try to use an item in the Radial Wheel (say, a Mega Potion) and you’re out but have the ingredients on hand, you’ll craft that item. Then, you can use the item by choosing that Radial Wheel option again. Very handy!

Even outside of crafting it’s highly recommended you customize the Radial Menu. It’s so helpful, that it’s a shame that this feature is missed by most players!