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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Sun Springnight Carp - Location Guide

Need to know where to find Sun Springnight Carp in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak? Look no further!

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Sun Springnight Carp might be one of the more perplexing crafting materials to find in the game. That’s because it’s not dropped by any monster. Nor does its item description explain where to find it. You probably haven’t even seen this pink fish if you’ve gone fishing! Despite all that, you might already have one or two in your inventory and not know why. So what gives? Let’s go over the details as we look at where to find Sun Springnight Carp in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak!

Where to Find Sun Springnight Carp – Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The actual answer to this one is pretty simple: the Sunsnug Fruitfair. Specifically, the one you can access after reaching Master Rank in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. That’s because the Sun Springnight Carp is a Master Rank version of another item (simply called the Springnight Carp) which was available in the base game.

If you’re not familiar with the Sunsnug Fruitfair, don’t feel too bad. The game basically never puts the term front and center in your face. It’s just the in-game term for sending any Buddies to fetch certain plants via submarine. You can do so by speaking to Rondine in the Buddy Plaza, or by talking to Nagi the Buddy Agent in Elgado (after reaching the new outpost via the Master Rank quests).

After doing so, select “The Argosy” from the list of available menu options. Then go to “Order Items” and finally to “Trade Requests.” If you’ve done everything correctly, you should see at least one available slot to send either a Palamute or a Palico on an adventure.

Said “adventure” is actually just a gathering mission. One where your ally will passively accrue specific crafting materials that you assign through this menu. They will bring more with them after every hunt you complete in-game. Though they can only hold up to 20 total items at a time before you need to stop by and clean out their inventory.

When you select whichever item your Buddy will retrieve, you may notice that every type of material is split into one of three categories: fruits, insects/mushrooms, and herbs/fish. The actual names for these categories are “Sunsnug Fruitfair,” the “Mushyroom Market,” and “Icebarb Bazaar.”

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Lagniapple

These titles pretty much only exist for lore reasons. They indicate where your Felyne or Canyne is going when they send you back all those useful items used to craft ammunition, bombs, potions, etc.

The category is what really matters, though. That’s because each category — in addition to the normal items they bring — also has a semi-random chance of acquiring “rare items.” Which rare items are possible is determined by the category. And, in this case, Sun Springnight Carp have a small chance of appearing when you send someone to the Sunsnug Fruitfair. A.k.a. when you send them out for fruit, which are the items available from the first Argosy category.

At this point you can boost your odds of gaining Sun Springnight Carp in several ways. One is to use various forms of Buddy Bargaining. This just means spending extra points (one of the two central Monster Hunter currencies) for a boost. Different boosts increase either your total number of items acquired on the Argosy or the odds of getting rare materials.

Want to know another, much more important thing to do? Unlock every submarine. There are three in total in Monster Hunter Rise. Sun Springnight Carp has triple the drop chance if you have triple the Buddies out gathering it, too! This also helps you farm for other materials. Such as ammo and mushrooms you can cook in the Motley Mix. It’s good to unlock all three submarines just as a matter of course.

Last but not least: use a Lagniapple. These are all-purpose boosts for Buddies. You can use them during training, via the Meowcenaries and, of course, on your Argosy submarines. Simply select a Lagniapple when setting your Trade Requests with any of the subs. This boosts your Buddies’ gathering efficiency for a certain number of hunts. You can also acquire more Lagniapples in several ways (e.g. the Meowcenaries, as a random reward from Buddy Expert Shirubei, or the hidden Cohoot nests). Though the most “active” method is by checking your Optional Subquests and seeing if a Lagniapple is listed as a reward.

Speaking of which, don’t forget to actually hunt! The Argosy only brings back items after you return from missions. It needs to be a real mission, however. You can’t just hop into an Expedition Tour, instantly pop the “Complete Quest” button, and farm passively. Sorry!

That’s pretty much all you need to get the Sun Springnight Carp in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak! Best of luck with those drop rates.

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