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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Melding Pudding Guide - Where to Get It

Melding Pudding makes melding easier in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Here's how to get some!

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Melding Pudding serves as something of a replacement for Defender Tickets. The latter item is acquired from the Rampage: a sort of minigame available in the base version of Monster Hunter Rise. It’s also an excellent way to getting melding materials. The problem? The standard Master Rank campaign doesn’t include Rampages. That leaves us looking for other items to fuel the Melding Pot in Kamura or Elgado. Enter Melding Pudding. This is your new best friend for talisman farming, although it’s not nearly as easy to get! Let’s take a look at why in our guide on how to get Melding Pudding in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Melding Pudding Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Where to Find Melding Pudding in Sunbreak

To set things up, there are basically two major sources of Melding Pudding. One is far less consistent than the other. However, it’s also one helluva lot easier. So, let’s start there. You just need to unlock Backroom Deals. This is a new Argosy buff introduced in Sunbreak. It functions as an (entirely free) way to acquire new, rare materials via your submarines. To acquire it, just keep playing through the Master Rank story question of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and speaking to Nagi the Buddy Agent any time they have new dialogue.

You can always see when an NPC has new dialogue available by opening the start menu, moving to the “System” tab, and selecting the third option down: “Open World Map.” This shows every major location in both Kamura and Elgado — any one of which will have a colored dialogue box icon if someone has something to say. Nagi can then be found via the “Market” fast travel point (which is a bit confusing since they’re standing on the docks, but whatever).

Nagi will eventually introduce you to “Backroom Deals.” You can set these at any time from the Argosy menu. Just speak to Nagi (or Rondine in the Buddy Plaza). After doing so, select “The Argosy” from the list of available menu options. Then go to “Order Items” and finally “Trade Requests.” You should see at least one available slot to send either a Palamute or a Palico on a submarine adventure.

The Buddy will passively gather items for you any time you complete a normal hunt. Sorry… You can’t just hop into an Expedition Tour, instantly pop the “Complete Quest” button, and quickly farm that way. In addition to the item you tell your Buddy to gather, however, you will oftentimes receive “rare items” (e.g. the Sun Springnight Carp).

Melding Pudding Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Argosy

All of this should be old hat to Monster Hunter Rise players. The new element is adding a “Letter of Introduction.” This isn’t a consumable resource; it’s just a toggle you can set on any submarine by pressing Square/X/Y on a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo controller. Just make sure you’re hovering over any of your active trade requests — just like in the screenshot above.

Any time you return from a mission at this point, in addition to the normal items, you have a random chance of receiving one of three things. It could be a Locked Treasure Chest (which just means items you can sell for zenny), MP Accelerant (which lets you instantly complete any talisman meld), or that all-important Melding Pudding.

That’s all there is to this method! Just make sure you clean out your Argosy submarines often. Each can only hold up to 20 total items at a time before you need to clean out their inventory. When a Backroom Deal is set, those slots fill up much faster. Also: take a moment to unlock every submarine. There are three in total in Monster Hunter Rise. Procuring all three will triple the drop chance of your Melding Pudding acquired this way. Not to mention it helps you farm for other materials for ammo, potions, the Motley Mix, etc. It’s good to unlock all three submarines as a matter of course.

Melding Pudding Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Melding Pot

How to Hunt for Melding Pudding in Sunbreak

The second method for farming Melding Pudding in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is much simpler. Just go hunting (which you need to for the Argosy to work anyway). Not just any hunt will do, of course. It seems to drop from Master Rank 6 (a.k.a. 6-Star) quests. This is the highest level of Master Rank mission available in Sunbreak at the moment, so it might take you a while.

However, this doesn’t account for “Anomaly Quests.” These included Afflicted Monsters, which are roughly equivalent to Tempered Monsters from Monster Hunter World (or, more directly, Deviants from Monster Hunter Generations). In other words, they’re supercharged versions of existing monsters. They also get their own set of star rankings — denoted with a magenta color instead of Master Rank gold. You can consider these to be “above” Master Rank 6, despite the fact that Anomaly Quests don’t really have their own ranking terminology.

In simpler terms: Melding Pudding can drop from Anomaly Quests. Even a one-star Afflicted Monsters seem to have a chance to award it. Just be careful, though. Anomaly Quests are extremely dangerous. Even supposedly “low-level” monsters like Volvidon will have massive health pools. Not to mention they can explode, instantly stunning and even one-shot-carting endgame players.

Take this with a grain of salt, too! The drop chances are random. That means, while we’ve only found Melding Pudding in Master Rank 6 missions and above so far, it might drop from other sources. Though lower-rank missions seem to drop a slightly inferior melding material more often: Melding Nectar or Melding Honey. These are less effective than Melding Pudding. Nectar offers only 50 melding points while honey provides 100 melding points, compared to 200 awarded by the pudding. All of these are still pretty darn good, though, since they don’t bite into your monster parts needed for crafting.

We’ll be sure to update this guide if we can confirm more ways to acquire this useful gloop, too! Please feel free to let everyone know in the comments if you have a different method. In the meantime, best of luck hunting down your Sunbreak Melding Pudding with what we know!

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