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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Heavy Wyvern Scalp Guide - How to Get It

Get your Fine Black Pearls right here in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (once you know where to look).

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Heavy Wyvern Scalp isn’t exactly the most descriptive item name. It’s a monster part, of course, but where do you get it? The answer is slightly surprising. Though there’s a pretty good clue in which armor and weapons need the item in the first place: Shogun weapons and Ceanataur armor or two will help you craft some of the best mid-level weapons and armorin the game. We’re specifically talking about the Shogun Ceanataur. As you can probably guess, this drops from the big blue crab. Let’s take a look specifically at its Heavy Wyvern Scalp and how to get more in this Monster Hunter guide!

How to Get a Heavy Wyvern Scalp in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

As alluded to above, you can get the Heavy Wyvern Scalp from any Shogun Ceanataur in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. We specifically mean Sunbreak, and not the base game, because Heavy Wyvern Scalps are Master Rank exclusive. As is the Shogun Ceanataur itself. This is the blue, crablike monster you meet within Master Rank 3. It’s basically a deadlier version of the Daimyo Hermitaur that kicks off the Sunbreak campaign. The biggest difference (besides extra damage and a different moveset) is that it can inflict the bleed status.

In Monster Hunter, bleed causes players to take damage after performing certain actions. Dodging foremost among them. You can remove the status effect through several means: sheathing your weapon and crouching for several seconds, eating a Well-Done Steak, or eating a Sushifish (which is notably faster than the aforementioned steak and heals you a bit). Most of this should be pretty straightforward for an experienced Monster Hunter Rise player, of course, but we’re repeating it here for posterity.

Now comes the hard part. You cannot acquire a Heavy Wyvern Scalp by finishing the fight normally! The odds are set to zero percent for capture, carve, target, and dropped material rewards.

monster hunter rise sunbreak shogun ceanataur


Here’s a rundown of what that looks like when trying to grab a Heavy Wyvern Scalp from the Shogun Ceanataur according to the Hunter’s Notes:

  • Target Rewards: 0% chance
  • Capture Rewards: 0% chance
  • Broken Part Rewards: 100% chance
  • Carves: 0% chance
  • Dropped Materials: 0% chance

This means we want to go for the broken part reward if you’re specifically after a Heavy Wyvern Scalp (obviously). The scalp in question, however, doesn’t refer to the Shogun Ceanataur itself. The monster isn’t even a wyvern. Instead, the broken part refers to the shell the creature wears on its back — which is actually the skull of some long-dead monster. That means the only way to get a Heavy Wyvern Scalp is by breaking this section.

Luckily, we can help with this if you’re having trouble cracking the shell. Busting it off basically boils down to three things: blunt damage, thunder damage, and the Partbreaker skill.

The shell of any Shogun Ceanataur is nearly twice as weak to blunt damage as piercing or slashing. This makes both the Hunting Horn and the Hammer great options for blowing through its shell. We’re specifically big fans of the Hunting Horn here at Fanbyte — especially after it received a massive rework in Monster Hunter Rise. It’s simpler to use than ever before, so don’t be too intimidated to try it. Explosive “Sticky Ammo” from a Bowgun will also do the trick quite nicely if you prefer range!

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Shogun Ceanataur


Either way, you can tip the odds in your favor even more with Partbreaker. This is an armor skill that, as you can probably guess, increases the damage you deal to monster parts. Thus making them easier to break. The most accessible source of Partbreaker in Sunbreak is the trusty Bone X armor set. This is early Master Rank armor that any player should be able to make simply by harvesting bones and killing weak Small Monsters.

You don’t even need the whole set! The Bone Helm X (headpiece) and Bone Coil X (belt) include one and two levels of Partbreaker, respectively. That brings you to the skill’s maximum level of three with just two armor pieces. You can wear whatever else you want!

Then you, too, can finally see the utterly horrifying sight of a Shogun Ceanataur without its shell for yourself. Just look at the screenshot above… Yep. That wiggly appendage with an, uh, orifice at the end is what you have to look forward to. On the bright side, this also makes it absolutely obviously when you have successfully broken the monster’s shell. At which point you know you have a 100 percent chance of obtaining at least one Heavy Wyvern Scalp.

And that’s basically all there is to finding a Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Heavy Wyvern Scalp! Best of luck breaking those parts as you hunt your way through each Shogun Ceanataur and more.

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