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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Fine Black Pearl Guide - How to Get It

Get your Fine Black Pearls right here in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (once you know where to look).

As you battle through Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, a Fine Black Pearl or two will help you craft some of the better mid-level weapons in the game. We’re specifically talking about the Shogun (or “Daimyo & Shogun”) weapons. As you can probably guess from the name, these are mostly built from Shogun Ceanataur monster parts, which become available pretty early in the Sunbreak campaign! But let’s take a look specifically at the Fine Black Pearl and how to get more in this Monster Hunter guide.

How to Get Fine Black Pearls in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

As alluded to above, you can get the Fine Black Pearl from any Shogun Ceanataur in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. We specifically mean Sunbreak because Fine Black Pearls are a Master Rank exclusive. As is the Shogun Ceanataur itself. This is the blue, crablike monster you meet upon reaching Master Rank 3. It’s basically just a deadlier version of the Daimyo Hermitaur that kicks off the Sunbreak campaign. The biggest difference (besides extra damage and a different moveset) is that it can cause bleed.

In Monster Hunter, bleed causes the player to take damage whenever they perform certain actions. Especially dodging. You can remove the effect via one of several methods: sheathing your weapon and crouching for several seconds, eating a Well-Done Steak, or eating a Sushifish (which is faster than the aforementioned steak). Most of this should be pretty straightforward for an experienced Monster Hunter Rise player.

You can acquire a Fine Black Pearl simply by finishing this fight as normal! Though the odds are pretty low.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Shogun Ceanataur

Here’s a rundown of all the sources of Fine Black Pearls from the Shogun Ceanataur:

  • Target Rewards: 10% chance
  • Capture Rewards: 15% chance
  • Broken Part Rewards: 0% chance
  • Carves: 10% chance
  • Dropped Materials: 25% chance

Obviously, this means you want to go for the capture if you’re specifically in need of a Fine Black Pearl. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak allows you to do this whenever a monster is sufficiently damaged. If you take a Palico into battle, they will tell you when it’s possible to do so, but the monster icon in the top-right corner of the screen is also a good indicator. It’s not as immediate as the Palico warning, but it will eventually display a blue monster skull icon when the creature is in capture range. After which, just lay down a trap and hit the monster with two Tranq Bombs!

The actual best way to get Fine Black Pearls from a Shogun Ceanataur, however, is through dropped materials. These are those shiny little items that fall on the ground when monsters take sufficient damage. Or when you flinch them. Or when they get into fights. Basically: they can drop for all sorts of reasons. In this case, they also have the highest percentage chance of dropping the monster part you need.

Just make sure you manually pick the items up! These “shinies” don’t go directly into your inventory when you finish a hunt. You must approach them and interact to collect the goods.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Gold Wirebug

Finally, you can increase the odds of producing dropped materials in several ways. One of the most universal is by Wyvern Riding. This is when you ride a monster (which replaces the mounting mini-game from past Monster Hunter titles). During which time you can attack other monsters that you’re not currently mounted onto. Circle/B/A on a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo controller will perform a strong attack. Triangle/Y/X will perform a light attack.

Whichever you decide to use, monsters will typically drop up to three shiny materials on the ground per hunt in this fashion. You can also increase that number even further in Sunbreak. Just grab a Gold Wirebug.

These are new “hunting helpers” that appear on every normal map in the game in Master Rank. Interacting with one will increase the number of dropped materials while you’re Wyvern Riding. In addition to a couple of other useful abilities, which you can see in the screenshot above.

And that’s basically all there is to finding a Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Fine Black Pearl! Best of luck with those drop rates (and dropped materials) as you hunt your way through Shogun Ceanataur and more.

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