Monster Hunter Rise Rising Sun Event Quest Guide – Okami Armor

Who knows if Capcom will ever make a new Okami, but MH Rise at least lets you pretend with this Layered Armor.

The Monster Hunter Rise “Rising Sun!?” event quest isn’t just aptly named because of the game in which it takes place. It’s because the “Ammy Costume” Layered Armor that comes with it pulls directly from Capcom classic Okami, in which you played the sun god Amaterasu. This Layered Armor isn’t for you, though. It’s a Palamute costume! One you can make at any Buddy Smithy in MH Rise after you collect the Celestial Scroll crafting material at least four times.

This is where “Rising Sun!?” comes into play. The Low Rank gathering mission sends you to the Shrine Ruins at night. Here you need to collect White Wolf Pictures. Despite what the official MH Rise website says, there are 21 to deliver in total, not 16, and the objects are actually called “Small Packages” out in the world. They’re scattered across nearly every corner of the zone — though each package is mercifully marked on your mini-map for easy collection.

MH Rise Okami Layered Armor

The packages are small, square boxes highlighted in a green hue. They’re not tough to spot in the open — particularly as most of them are visible against flat surfaces and roads. The most difficult to acquire are those in Area 5. This is the dilapidated watchtower area and may require some extra climbing.

Regardless of the spot, however, remember your intermediate Wirebug techniques! You can wall run by approaching most upward surfaces while sprinting. Then press the righthand face button (B, Circle, or A depending on your controller) after running out of stamina, and leaping off the surface, to hover in the air. This lets your stamina recharge. Meanwhile, your Wirebug recharges while you’re running. Together these tactics should let you scale any surface in the area without extra buffs, skills, or Spiribirds. Even so, it’s good to eat some Dango before departing, in order to boost your stamina that little bit. You might as well use the Dango Gatherer buff, too, since the food item is unlocked from the start and increases the amount of honey you collect. You’ll almost certainly pass multiple honey spots while jumping and riding along.

It should also go without saying that a Palamute is a huge boon here. You can mount the canyne companion to blitz through the area quickly. Every Small Package can be collected from hound-back without dismounting or stopping. That’s important, because you may need to complete this rather tedious event quest four times total. We’ve only gotten one Celestial Scroll per clear of “Rising Sun!?” in MH Rise. By comparison, you need four of the unique crafting material to create the Ammy Costume (a.k.a. the Okami Layered Armor) for your Palamute.

The last, big trick for speeding things along is playing as a group. Every item collected counts towards the entire party. That means you can split up and gather all 21 packages in half the time or less! Just as long as you can find partners, of course… Not many players are still doing such an old, Low Rank event quest these days. You’ll probably have the best luck starting the mission with a Join Request of your own; then just start harvesting and hope someone joins you.

With all the relevant items in tow, the mission will end automatically after 20 seconds. You don’t need to return the White Wolf Pictures to camp as in past Monster Hunter games! If all goes well, you should get at least one Celestial Scroll for use at the Buddy Smithy. When you have four, you can create the full-body Ammy Costume for any Palamute to wear. Being Layered Armor, like the Tsukino Costume for your Palico, this doesn’t interfere with stats, but does make your pal look like the legendary white wolf.

Best of luck!