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Monster Hunter Rise Best Light Bowgun – LBG Tier List (May 2021)

Come get your mobility, utility, and ranged damage all in one place in MH Rise.

You can be pretty flexible when choosing the best Light Bowgun in Monster Hunter Rise for you. The weapon type didn’t see much loss in power in the jump from Monster Hunter World. That means it’s still a fast, hard-hitting, and versatile weapon type. Plus its new Switch Skills and Silkbind attacks only add to the fun. So let’s take a look at the very best LBG in Monster Hunter Rise at the moment — alongside some lessons on just what makes for a good choice in this particular category.

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1. Night Owl – The Best Light Bowgun in Monster Hunter Rise

Hearkening back to the days of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Pierce ammo is quite popular on Bowguns again. Though that might have something to do with this Nargacuga LBG. This single-minded shooter is all about Pierce Ammo 2. It makes great use of the 40 percent base Affinity, even if its base damage is nothing special. A Level 2 decoration slot gives you space to add even more critical hit chance, too. But the skill you really want to consider is Rapid Fire Up. The Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 update made this attainable as a crafted decoration. When slotted, it adds additional damage to ammo types with the rapid-fire tag. So you’ll wind up with more hits, more crits, and extra damage on top of it all.

2. Sinister Shadow Bolt – MH Rise Best LBG Tier List

You really have your pick of the litter when it comes to LBG builds. Because different ammo types offer different effects, there’s a huge variety of support and damage options. One of the most obvious, however, is the Magnamalo Light Bowgun. It’s not exactly fancy when it comes to shot types. However, it will allow you to move while firing any of its many kinds of ammunition (except Cluster).

The stars here are either Sticky and Slicing or a big chunk of Spread ammo. The former two ammo types, in tandem, give you significant damage while also consistently stunning the monster. It’s an old tactic that still works well in Monster Hunter Rise. Then there’s building for Spread damage: basically turning the LBG into a shotgun. The exceptional reload speed, good raw damage, and more than respectable decoration slots fill out the rest of this weapon. The result is surprisingly versatile.

3. Despot’s Wildfire- MH Rise Best LBG Tier List

Returning to more specialized Light Bowguns, the Zinogre variant is great for Slicing Ammo. It gains that rapid-fire tag on Slicing Ammo 2. As with the Nargacuga Night Owl, you can then combine this with Rapid Fire Up for greater damage-to-ammo efficiency. Otherwise the usual good LBG skills apply: Spare Shot, Recoil Down, Reload Speed, etc. Try to include whichever you like best in addition to the all-purpose damage skills like Attack Boost!

Hopefully this helped you on your way to the best LBG in Monster Hunter Rise for you! We’ll be sure to update this guide as new monsters and weapons appear. Until then, happy hunting!

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