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Monster Hunter Rise Best Lance – Weapon Tier List (May 2021)

MH Rise makes players more mobile, but guarding still comes in handy.

The best Monster Hunter Rise Lance is a pretty clear winner (for now). But several options exist for players with different designs in mind for their builds. Damage is never everything, and the addition of new skills in the game’s first major update makes picking a build harder than ever. So let’s take a look at all the best Lances in Monster Hunter Rise to use as a baseline — and hopefully give you a better idea of what to shoot for with your creations.

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1. Diablos Spear – The Best Lance in Monster Hunter Rise

The Diablos Spear is seriously simple. It’s an ultra-raw damage weapon with a very scary negative 30 percent Affinity working against it and no decoration slots. Its base damage is so high, however, that it barely matters. You can counteract the bad critical hit chance to even out said damage. Or use the Brutal Strike Ramp-Up to cancel it out — leaving your build with space for other abilities, like Offensive Guard. That’s all there really is to it!

2. Elder Babel Spear – MH Rise Best Lance Tier List

Speaking of Offensive Guard, this Ore Tree 2 spear gives you a Level 3 decoration slot out of the gate. You can put that towards the damage skill, or perhaps a level of Handicraft. This spear reaches white sharpness pretty easily with just a couple points in the latter skill. Plus you forgo that negative 30 percent Affinity and get 20 free defense for good measure. A defense bonus is rarely that important — particularly on the most guard-heavy weapon in the game — but sure. Why not? The downside is of course a major drop in raw damage versus the Diablos weapon without any positive Affinity to compensate.

Speaking of compensation: you can add a bit of damage using Silkbind Boost. The Ramp-Up is only available on the weapon if you craft it from the beginning of the Ore Tree, but since this variant is so easy to create anyway, that’s not an issue. Start with the Iron Lance I and upgrade it to the Paladin Lance I. Then grab Silkbind Boost as your Rampage skill. Finally, continue upping the weapon until it reaches Elder Babel Spear. Now you’ve got the extra damage from all Silkbind attacks (e.g. the fantastic Spiral Thrust) to negate the middling raw and Affinity.

3. Night Rains Black – MH Rise Best Lance Tier List

Rounding out the raw Lance triumvirate, we have another Nargacuga variant. This one functions exactly like its brothers and sisters. It’s got so-so raw damage, fantastic sharpness without Handicraft, and a strong 35 percent Affinity. Then there’s a Level 2 decoration slot for good measure. You can use that to include Master’s Touch and further Affinity — maximizing your sharpness and damage thanks to the Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 update.

4. Sabretooth – MH Rise Best Lance Tier List

Against monsters weak to Ice, the Barioth Lance holds its own pretty nicely. It can also reach white sharpness very easily and actually has better Affinity and decoration slots than Night Rains Black. You can use the spare Level 1 slot for extra Ice damage if you like. Though you will lose 10 raw out of the gate without an Attack Boost IV Ramp-Up. Once again, this is an elemental option, so it won’t be useful in all circumstances. Though it sees big gains against the right foes if you lean into the right moves. Elemental damage benefits more from fast, consistent attacks like poking, for instance, than the slow, hard-hitting Spiral Thrust, as elemental damage often does.

Hopefully this helped you on your way to the best Lance in Monster Hunter Rise for you! We’ll be sure to update this guide as new monsters and weapons appear. Until then, happy hunting!

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