MLB The Show 21 Best Settings for Pitching Guide

With MLB The Show 21 coming to Microsoft platforms for the first time ever, there’s lots of folks like myself getting acquainted with it for the first time. After choosing your favorite team, the game will walk you through the process of choosing various controller settings and let me tell you, they’re a bit hard to parse until you get your hands on each and every one of them. This can take upwards of 20 minutes if you’re really trying to get a handle on things and pick the right one for you. Sure you can change it later, but why not just get it right the first time? In this guide, we’ll be walking you through what each of the pitching control settings actually mean and explain the benefits of each.

MLB The Show Pitching Controls

Pinpoint Pitching

If you’re looking for the most authentic pitching experience available in MLB The Show 21, Pinpoint Pitching is what you want to select. Out of all three options it has the highest number of variables to determine how accurate your pitch is. You simply choose where you want to pitch the go along with the pitch type and then try to match the pattern that pops up. You’re measured on what the developers call a GRD system which stands for gesture performance, release timing, and direction of release. In short, does your pattern match? Was the timing of your motions correct? And was your cursor at the proper end point when the pitch was thrown? An interesting note here is the pattern is based on the pitchers actual throwing style so it changes pitcher to pitcher. It’s not like you can just master the one curveball pattern and use it forever.

Recommended for: Everyone looking for an authentic experience.

Classic Pitching

If you’re looking for the most basic, straightforward experience, Classic Pitching is the way to go. This mode disposes of all of the other mechanics. All you need to do is choose a pitch type and a pitch location. As far as we can tell there’s no way for you yourself to mess up the pitch.

Recommended for: Those looking for the easiest possible pitching.

Pulse Pitching

Pulse Pitching is a step up from Classic Pitching in that it’s the next easiest. Choose a pitch type and location. After that there will be a pulsing circle and how accurate the pitch is depends on when you press the button. What you want to do is press the same pitch button when the circle is as small as possible.

Recommended for: Someone who wants easy pitching but to have room for mistakes.

Meter Pitching

Out of all the pitching options, Meter Pitching was actually the hardest one for me. Same story as the other control schemes in that you select a pitch type and location. Here you hold the button as the line rapidly accelerates to the top of the meter before bouncing back. What you want to do is release the button towards the top for a faster pitch. As the line goes back in the other direction you also need to hit the button again to determine how accurate you are. It will take a good bit of practice to get up to snuff with this pitching scheme as there’s very, very little room for mistakes.

Recommended for: I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, but if that’s what you like, go for it!