MHW Fetching Light Pearls Event Quest – Faux Kelbi Layered Armor

Get to grabbing and win yourself an Herbivore Ticket in MHW!

It’s unclear who was asking for Faux Kelbi layered armor from the new “Fetching Light Pearls” MHW quest. But here we are! The horrifying hat is now available for players as part of the Sizzling Spice summer fest in the latest Monster Hunter. And you might want to know how to get it. Luckily it’s one of the easier layered armor pieces to acquire in MHW. So nearly everyone and anyone can make themselves into… a horrible goat person. Let’s take a look at the requirements and the steps you’ll be taking on Fetching Light Pearls!

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Like so many MHW event quests, Fetching Light Pearls is a pun. Its double meaning refers both to the quality of the items you’re collecting and what you are, in fact, doing. Long story short: you’re headed to the Coral Highlands to gather Light Pearls. You need eight in total, to be precise, and you won’t have to worry about running the mission multiple times.

Completing the quest will give you at least one Herbivore Ticket. And contrary to a lot of layered armor builds, the Faux Kelbi helmet only needs one unique ticket to craft it. The only catch is that you also need a normal crafting item: the Prized Pelt.

Odds are, however, that you already have one of these, as well. Prized Pelts are tremendously common items in MHW. You just need to knock out and/or slay a Kelbi and carve the adorable little sucker for a 60 percent chance of acquiring the one you need. Barring that, the Tailraider Safari also has even better odds of acquiring them in the Wildspire Waste or Coral Highlands. That’s if the animal comes up on the list of targets, of course. But if you’ve been running your raiders ragged for long enough, there’s a good chance you already have what you need by accident.

Finally, Anteka (those moose-like creatures in the Hoarfrost Reach) actually have the best odds of producing a Prized Pelt manually. There’s a 65 percent chance of obtaining the item when carving. That being said, Kelbi also spawn in the Coral Highlands, where Fetching Light Pearls takes place. Theoretically you can get everything you need in just one mission!

Speaking of the mission: it’s quite simple. You just need to make sure you’ve hit MR1 (the first level of Master Rank, a.k.a. the start of the Iceborne expansion content) in order to start. Then mosey on over the the assignment board and choose events. You’ll find Fetching Light Pearls early in the list. Select it and head out.

Once you reach the Coral Highlands, you need to find eight Light Pearls. These are found in Pearl Oyster gathering points throughout the entire zone. You can easily locate them by switching to the gathering points tab in your map. This will isolate gathering point icons (duh) — significantly paring down the number of nodes you need to check. Just look for Pearl Oysters on the map! To start, we recommend checking out Area 7 and Area 8 on the eastern side of the map. You’ll find a few there.

Another useful tip is to take a full set of Sizzling Spice armor with you. Since there’s no combat in this quest, you don’t need to worry about equipment, and can easily up your chances of a Sizzling Spice VIP ticket. The same goes for any seasonal event armor, depending on when you’re reading this, of course. Good luck, hunters!