MHW Don’t Forget The Earplugs! Event Quest – Hare Band Layered Armor

Hop on over to this event quest and get a Pilot Hare Ticket.

“Don’t Forget the Earplugs!” is great advice in MHW. That’s especially true if you’re hunting for the Hare Band layered armor, as well as the Pilot Hare Ticket required to make it, which is now available as part of the Sizzling Spice summer fest in Monster Hunter. And you might want to know how to get the gear. Luckily it’s not a terribly difficult complex item to nab in MHW. So nearly everyone can complete their bunnysuit dreams in-game. Let’s take a look at the requirements and the steps you’ll be taking in Don’t Forget the Earplugs!

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Unlike fellow new event quest, “Fetching Light Pearls,” this battle requires some real combat. And it’s a little bit trickier than “Camoflawed,” another new mission with this update. You need to do battle with a standard Yian Garuga. Though there isn’t much actual “hunting” involved. This battle takes place in the standard arena (not the Special Arena where captured monsters go). So you have some room to move around, but don’t have to sprint all across a map to find your target.

Yian Garuga is a bird wyvern, but much stronger than its cousins in MHW. It’s a poisonous, fire-breathing, and noisy beast that can take apart a team that takes it lightly. Though it lacks the airborne attacks present with the Scarred Yian Garuga. A Fireproof Mantle and some Antidote or Herbal Medicine will work wonders here. Plus you might just get the parts necessary to craft Garuga Greaves! The leg armor isn’t as all-powerful as it once was, but is still considered some of the best armor in the latest Monster Hunter.

You can get everything you need in from Don’t Forget the Earplugs!, too. Though the odds are actually quite low… Completing the quest will earn you at least one copy of the Pilot Hare Ticket. And you only need a whopping three to craft the floppy ears. A number of other Yian Garuga materials are also required, but the toughest is a Fey Wyvern Gem. This is a rare drop with a 10 percent chance of appearing when you care Yian Gargua. If you don’t get what you want, don’t fret. This mission isn’t a bad way to quickly encounter a Yian Garuga. That means you can start the quest over and over again, getting the necessary three tickets, and farming for the Fey Wyvern Gem.

Like most event quests, it’s possible for two ore even more tickets to drop in a single run. That’s especially true if you burn a Lucky Voucher before entering. However, the odds of that are also quite low, so there’s a good chance you’re going into the arena more than once regardless.

Circling back to the mission: it’s quite simple to start. Even so, you might need to play a bit beforehand. You need to make sure you’ve hit MR6 (the sixth level of Master Rank, a.k.a. pretty deep into Iceborne expansion content) in order to begin. Then mosey on over the the assignment board and choose events. You’ll find Don’t Forget the Earplugs! fairly early in the list. Select it and head out.

You can also take a full set of Sizzling Spice armor with you. The quest isn’t tremendously easy, but it’s not the hardest thing in the world, either. And wearing the armor is an easy way to up your chances of a Sizzling Spice VIP ticket. The same goes for any seasonal event armor, depending on when you’re reading this, of course. Good luck, hunters!