MHW Camoflawed Event Quest – Faux Aptonoth Layered Armor

Get your Herbivore Ticket II and slap down a silly Rathian for a cool hat!

The Faux Aptonoth armor joins its creepy brethren in MHW via the new “Camoflawed” event quest. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the tweet below for yourself! The horrifying hat is now available for players as part of the Sizzling Spice summer fest in the latest Monster Hunter. And you might want to know how to get it. Luckily it’s one of the easier layered armor pieces to acquire in MHW. So nearly everyone and anyone can make themselves into the Theodore Rex of the New World. Let’s take a look at the requirements and the steps you’ll be taking in Camoflawed!

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Unlike its sister quest, “Fetching Light Pearls,” this event requires some real combat. Though it’s nothing you haven’t done before — if you’ve played into the Iceborne expansion where this assignment takes place. You simply need to hunt a Master Rank Rathian! The mission will take you to the Ancient Forest where you can find one fairly easily via the usual methods.

Speaking of “the usual methods,” there’s nothing special about this event quest. It’s just a normal Rathian, unlike the zombified Blackveil Vaal Hazak in the Resident Evil crossover event. So the usual rules apply. Make certain you have Antidotes, Herbal Medicine, or both. The Fireproof Mantle also wouldn’t go amiss, particularly if you have it upgraded to include decoration slots. Bare in mind that Master Rank Rathians deal deadlier poison their Low and High Rank cousins. The damage over time can be quite fierce!

Theoretically, you can get everything you need in just one run of Camoflawed. Completing the quest will give you a copy of the Herbivore Ticket II. You need one — plus a single Purecrystal and some research points — to craft the Faux Aptonoth layered armor. Purecrystals are a teensy bit rare in Master Rank. They only have a three percent chance of appearing in blue mining outcrops by default. But they are present in the Ancient Forest! That’s if you haven’t been hoarding them already, of course.

Circling back to the mission: it’s quite simple to start. You just need to make sure you’ve hit MR2 (the second level of Master Rank, a.k.a. near the very start of the Iceborne expansion content) in order to start. Then mosey on over the the assignment board and choose events. You’ll find Camoflawed fairly early in the list. Select it and head out.

Once you reach the Ancient Forest, immediately start tracking the monster, or search for said tracks in the northeastern sector of the map. It all depends on what your research level is with the basic Rathian!

Another useful tip is to take a full set of Sizzling Spice armor with you. Since combat is quite easy in this quest, you don’t need to worry too much about equipment. This can easily up your chances of a Sizzling Spice VIP ticket. The same goes for any seasonal event armor, depending on when you’re reading this, of course. Good luck, hunters!