How to Find Arena Coins and Arena Quests – Monster Hunter: World Guide

Tired of the normal quests and investigations that Monster Hunter: World has to offer? Then you might want to dive into some Arena quests! These special missions have you and up to one other hunter fighting with preset weapons and equipment, forcing you to try out new things while you reap unique rewards.

This Monster Hunter: World Arena quests guide will show you where to find these quests, the unique rewards you can earn, and more.

How to Start an Arena Quest in Monster Hunter: World

The first thing you need to know about Monster Hunter Arena quests is where to find them! If you try to find them on the normal mission board, you’ll be sorely disappointed. They’re not there. Sure, you can pick certain quests that have you fight monsters in some of the arenas, but these aren’t the Arena quests we’re talking about in this guide.

For actual Arena quests, you need to head to the Gathering Hub (aka the Celestial Pursuit). Hop onto any of the lifts scattered around the main town and choose the top floor. You can also head to the stairs next to the cooking station to get up to the hub. There’s no clear reason why you need to use the Gathering Hub instead of the main mission board, but here are a few other advantages of heading up there:

  • Several basic amenities are close together (you still need to head back to town for the Argosy, Tailraider, and gathering from the Ancient Tree).
  • When the Kulve Taroth siege is active, this is also where you must head to take part in the raid-like activity.
  • The hub is decorated for all festivals. The NPC vendors even change costumes!

Of course, for now at least, we’re just here for the Arena quests. Head on over to the quest counter. There are two ladies here; you want to head to the Arena Counter lady and sign on up!

Monster Hunter Coins

What Are Arena Quests?

Arena quests are quite different from the normal Monster Hunter: World fare. Arena quests force you to choose from a limited number of gear setups, so you won’t be able to bring your favorite weapons and maxed out gear (usually). You have to use what you get.

On top of that, you’re graded on how quickly you complete each mission. The higher your rank, the better chance of good or more rewards. This is especially useful during timed events — where finishing more quickly will cut down on the amount of grinding you need to do for special crafting materials. You really want to be aggressive to get the best rank.

Finally, you can only take one other hunter with you into the Arena. You cannot use the SOS flare, either. So make sure, if you have someone helping you out, that they’re signing up via the same methods!

Monster Hunter Coins

Arena Coins in Monster Hunter: World

So why should you take on Arena quests? Besides the trophies “Step Into the Arena” and “Nowhere to Go but Up,” which require you to complete one and 50 Arena quests respectively, you can earn Arena Coins. These are unique resources that let you make gear that’s otherwise unobtainable in Monster Hunter: World.

There are three types of Arena Coins you can grab:

  • Pinnacle Coins – These are rewarded for Low Rank Arena quests, which are quests 1-3.
  • Hunter King Coins – You get these from the six and seven-star High Rank Arena quests, which are quests 4-7.
  • Ace Hunter Coins – Awarded from the highest level Arena quests: missions 8 and 9.

On top of that, each specific Arena quest has a chance to drop Monster Coins, which offer additional new armor and weapon sets to make.

For example, the first Arena quest has you fighting a Pukei-Pukei. When you complete the quest you can get both Pukei Coins and Pinnacle Coins. The eighth Arena quest has you fighting both the Uragaan and Radobaan; this quest awards Ace Hunter Coins and Brute Coins.

Finally, completing certain ranks with a Rank B or above offers additional rewards. If you complete quest 1-7 with a B Rank or higher, you receive the Pulverizing Feather headgear. It offers the Level 3 Bombardier skill! Completing 8-9 at Rank B or higher nets you the Dragonseal Earrings, headgear that increases your Elderseal chances.

And that’s all for our Monster Hunter: World Arena coins guide! Be sure to check out the rest of our Monster Hunter coverage for more tips on how to best the game.