What is the Max Power & Level Cap in Marvel’s Avengers

So you want to form a team of Earth’s mightiest heroes? Marvel’s Avengers is the latest game from developer Crystal Dynamics and it allows players top step in the shoes of iconic characters like Iron Man, Hulk, and Ms. Marvel. Combining beat em’ up style gameplay with a loot system similar to Destiny 2 or The Division 2, Avengers is all about growing your own personal version of these superheroes. This means you will need to invest quite a few hours if you want Iron Man or the Hulk to reach the max power and level cap. However, these systems can be a bit confusing if you’re unfamiliar with the looter shooter genre.

Here’s what you need to know about Marvel’s Avenger’s Max Power and Level cap.

Marvel’s Avenger Max Power

Power is related to the gear each of your individual characters are wearing. Each piece of armor has a number associated with it and your current Power Level will be the average of all your gear combined.  For example, if most of your gear on Black Widow is Power Level 11 then Black Widow’s Power Level will be 11. In Marvel’s Avengers, the max Power Level for every hero is 150, so expect to do a lot of grinding if you want to hit the cap. 

With the exception of Exotic and some Legendary tier items, I recommend simply dismantling any piece of gear you get with a lower Power Level. This is especially true during the campaign, as the game just throws loot at you left and right. Focus less on what the pieces do for now and work on raising your Power Level. This is because a lot of the campaign missions with jump few Power Levels, making it essential that you are constantly increasing the strength of your hero. Remember, every hero has different gear, so you’ll need to raise the Power Level of each one individually.  

Marvel’s Avengers Max Level

Unlike Power Level, your actual character level is tied to earning experience. This is what allows you to earn more Skill Points to spend on unlocking different abilities. The max level for every hero in Marvel’s Avengers is 50. Once again, this is tied to each individual hero, so it’s possible to have characters at a variety of different levels. Just like Power Level, you’ll need to do a lot of grinding if you want to hit the level cap for each character.

Experience is gained by completing missions and killing enemies, which is something you will be doing a lot of in Marvel’s Avengers. It is possible to obtain artifacts that will increase the amount of experience you earn such as the Norn Stone of Golden Gifts. These items are terrific, especially if you are just starting out and want to ease the grind a bit. While your level is important, your Power Level should be your main focus since this determines your melee damage, ranged damage, defense, and heroic damage. Power Level will factor into your survival far more than then a hero’s actual level.

That being said, you should always spend your Skill Points when you unlock them! After all, what’s the point of being a superhero if you can’t perform a bunch of cool attacks?