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Loop Hero Save Guide - How to Save Your Progress

Loop Hero is the latest rogue-lite to skyrocket in popularity. Developed by Four Quarters, Loop Hero is set in a fantasy world that is caught in a perpetual time loop by an evil lich. You play an unnamed hero tasked with battling your way through hordes of monsters while building up your survivor camp. Unlike other popular rogue-lites, combat is entirely out of your control as your character will attack enemies without your input. This means, you will need to use various cards acquired after defeating enemies to help buff your character, spawn new types of enemies, or alter aspects of the battles themselves. This is a game that can suck up a lot of your time and with no clear instructions on how to save, it’s easy to be fearful of losing all your progress.

How to Save

Unfortunately, you cannot save in the middle of a loop. This means the only time the game will save is when you decide to retreat to camp or when you die. Depending on how far you are into Loop Hero, this can be a tad problematic since Expeditions can take quite a while to complete. While you can leave the game on if you’re mid-loop, I personally don’t recommend this method unless you absolutely cannot abandon your current loop.

Loop Hero How to Save

To retreat, click the icon of the person running in the bottom right corner. If you are not on your camp tile (or a tile directly next to it), you will not be able to keep 100% of your resources. Instead, retreating while mid-loop will only let you keep 60% of all your resources, while dying only nets you 30% of your total resources. This can be backbreaking if you’ve been saving up to upgrade a structure or build a new addition to your camp. Whenever possible, I strongly urge you to always retreat by your base camp to ensure you keep all your resources. Thankfully, clicking the retreat button will bring up a menu that informs you of what resources you’ll lose. You should only retreat away from camp if you’re absolutely sure you cannot make it to camp.

Outside of this method, there are no other ways to save your game in Loop Hero. With that being said, Four Quarter s is aware of this problem and is looking at more ways to complete your expeditions faster. The most notable would be additional speed settings, which would allow you to essentially speed through loops of your dungeon. Currently, players can only increase the speed by x2, which seems quick on paper. However, in practice this can still make the game an absolute slog. Battles against multiple foes can take a bit of time — especially once you begin incorporating mechanics like evasion and counters.

If additional methods for saving are introduced, we will up this guide accordingly. But for now, just be mindful of your health and the amount of enemies on your route. It’s better to cut ties early to preserve all your materials than risk them for one more loop.

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