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Loop Hero Switch Guide - Will Loop Hero Come to The Nintendo Switch?

Loop Hero is the latest rogue-lite to skyrocket in popularity. Developed by Four Quarters, Loop Hero is set in a fantasy world that is caught in a perpetual time loop by an evil lich. You play an unnamed hero tasked with battling your way through hordes of monsters while building up your survivor camp. Unlike other popular rogue-lites, combat is entirely out of your control as your character will attack enemies without your input. This means, you will need to use various cards acquired after defeating enemies to help buff your character, spawn new types of enemies, or alter aspects of the battles themselves. With this game rapidly gaining popularity, many are wondering if Four Quarters plans to port this title to the Nintendo Switch.

Is Loop Hero Coming to the Switch?

At the time of writing this, the answer is no. Currently, both Four Quarters and publisher Devolver Digital have made no announcements regarding Loop Hero coming to any additional platforms. This isn’t a reason to give up hope, as Devolver Digital has a long history of bringing their most popular games to the Nintendo Switch. Just recently, Mediatonic’s Fall Guys was announced for Switch following its huge success on PC and PS4. I wouldn’t be surprised if Loop Hero ended up on the Switch some time next year. Given that Four Quarters is an independent studio and they have already confirmed they’re working on future content for Loop Hero, I wouldn’t expect a port any time soon.

I will update this guide if anything changes or if there is any new information regarding Loop Hero coming ton the Nintendo Switch.

Loop Hero Switch

What Is Loop Hero?

For those unfamiliar, Loop Hero is a rogue-lite where you are tasked with following a randomized path. On these expeditions, you will encounter enemies which will either drop armor or cards to add to your hand. These cards can be placed along the path to spawn specific monsters, impact the actual combat, or destroy all of the enemies in a specific area. Additionally, cards can also be used to construct the environment around the path, improving your character’s health and spawning specialized foes.

As you defeat enemies and junk lower level equipment you will earn resources to improve your base camp. This unlocks new gear and cards, improving your chances of defeating that chapter’s specific boss. At its core, Loop Hero is about risk vs reward, as dying during an expedition will drastically reduce the amount of resources you earn. Understanding when to cut and run is critical to your survival — especially since specific buildings you can make are pretty expensive. While it can be pretty rough for the first couple of hours, once you get a handle on how the cards interact with one another and when to place down monster spawn points you’ll have a much easier time.

Combat is completely hands-off, meaning once a battle is initiated you cannot interfere with it. You and your opponents will attack automatically, use health items, and trigger abilities such as countering. The player has no input for how these battles unfold. Because of this, obtaining the right armor during a run is critical to your survival, which can be a little frustrating since a lot of this is left up to chance. But if you’re a fan of the rogue-lite genre or strategy games, Loop Hero is definitely worth checking out.

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