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Answer for Today’s Loldle Classic 36 – August 11 Loldle Solution

What is today's LoLdle answer? It's Cho'Gath! We got you with everything you need to solve LoLdle 36

Here’s Today’s Loldle Classic Answer 36

The answer for today’s Loldle classic is Cho’Gath. That’s the Loldle 36 solution.

We got you covered on Today’s Loldle classic answer for August 11, 2022. If you just want all the solutions for Loldle 36, feel free to scroll.

Created by Pimeko, this fan-made Wordle-style daily League of Legends game has players guessing characters from League‘s pool of 161 champions. If you want to get a leg up on your friends, or need to know as a means of keeping your score intact, we’re here to help you find all those LoL champs. This LoLdle will be a breeze for you.

Today’s Loldle 36 Quote, Ability, and Splash Solution for August 11, 2022.

The answer for today’s LoLdle quote is Sett’s You got guts. Too bad I gotta put my fists through ’em. League quote. He’s always saying this.

The answer for today’s LoLdle ability is Annie’s Summon: Tibbers League ability.

The answer for today’s LoLdle Splash is Dragon Master Swain.

today's loldle answer Classic Splash, Quote, and Ability solution loldle 36
Today’s LoLdle answer was a breeze, make sure to come back tomorrow for more answers.

We hope we helped you out, summoner. Now go out there and get those solutions right, we’re rooting for you! Make sure to come back tomorrow for the next solution, and check out our full LoLdle answer archive here. Itching for more League coverage? Be sure to check out all of our League of Legends guides, news, and op-eds as well. Recently we covered news that League of Legends turrets are glitched, just like the Star Guardian 2022 event. We also wrote about the new Arcane documentary series that is free to watch online.

Now that you’ve found out today’s LoLdle 36 answer, here is the answer for all previous LoLdle classics.

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How Do I Play Today’s LoLdle Classic?

So, you want to try out LoLdle, the League word game everyone is talking about. Well, don’t be scared! It’s fun, and with our daily guides you’ll be able to get that Loldle answer easily. All you have to do is go to the official site, click on “Classic” and start guessing random champions. Each guess you make, the game will give you categorized hints, letting you know how close you are to getting the champion correct. The color indicators are green for correct, orange for partial, and red for completely incorrect answers. Below are the categories for champions.

  • Champion
  • Gender
  • Position(s)
  • Species
  • Resource
  • Range Type
  • Regions(s)
  • Release Year

How to Get Today’s LoLdle Classic Answer Fast

We know today’s Loldle answer is Cho’Gath, but how did we get to that answer? Honestly, you should just guess your favourite character, that’s what it’s all about! Another fun way to narrow it down is to notice a particularly quirky standout from the champion categories: Does this champion use energy? Good! There’s only like five characters who do that. Is your character from the Void? Awesome! You’ve got a clearer view of the types of creatures it could be. This strategy is effective without making the daily Loldle feel like a chore.

How to Get Today’s LoLdle Ability Answer Fast

To guess the correct ability I honestly recommend playing League of Legends characters outside of your comfort zone. Once you’ve had your hand at a bunch, finding the answer becomes second nature. It’s not as much a “technique” as it is a free answer after logging a lot of hours in League of Legends.

What is the Best Splash Art Pick?

The easiest strategy to get the Splash Art correct is to take in the background art colors and try to throw your brain back to what skin line it’s from. Now, this does get tricky because most League of Legends skins are purple or red; but since the more you guess, the more the screen zooms out so you’ll eventually be able to see more of the mysterious champion you’re searching for. We find that the Splash Art is extremely polarizing as every day it’s either the easiest LoLdle to get or the hardest. There is no in between.

How to Get the Quote Correct

Most of the quotes are straight forward and give a key hint about the League of Legends character you’re searching for. The key here is to pay attention and focus on those context clues to narrow things down. For example today’s quote was “You got guts. Too bad I gotta put my fists through ’em,” which implies the champion in question is melee and uses their fists: there are very few characters like this. From that information alone you can narrow it down to a select few like Vi (who has giant fists), Lee Sin (who’s personality doesn’t fit), and Sett (the Loldle quote answer).

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