Little Nightmares 2 Music Door Puzzle – What’s The Correct Door Order

Little Nightmares 2 is officially available, so it’s time to dive into this terrifying world of twisted abominations and clever puzzles. While the majority of Little Nightmares 2 is fairly simply outside of a few frustrating moments, there is one section that will prove extraordinarily difficult for those who are either deaf or hard of hearing. This is because the entire puzzle relies on following sounds. Since there are no accessibility options for this portion, it’s possible to either become stuck or end up wandering aimlessly through the final chapter’s hallways.

However, it turns out that the order you need to run through never changes no matter how many times you’ve played the game. Because of this, we can actually give you the correct door order for those having problems with this section of Chapter 5. I tested these sound-focused puzzles four times, including once without any sound and just my guide to ensure accuracy. Below is how this puzzle works along with the correct door order you need to run through.

Musical Door Puzzle

When you arrive in the tower, approach the door directly in front of you. When you get close, the door will snap shut and another will open up to your right. Running through this door will warp Mono into a room with two doors. Whenever Mono runs through one of these doors he will come out the other one, causing the screen to pulse. How this normally works is you’re listening for the sounds of a music box which will guide you to the correct one. Obviously, we cannot rely on this so we will be numbering each door.

Remember we only care about the door you enter. Which one you exit is irrelevant. If you mess up, just restart the checkpoint and try again.

The order for the first door puzzle is 1, 1, 2, 2.

Upon completing this puzzle, Mono will enter a long hallway with three doors along the background. Ignore the first one you pass by and enter the door that has the actual door curling up into itself above you. This should be the second door Mono runs by in this hall. You will then warp to another room with all the doors closed except the back left one. Go through this door to transport to another staircase. Ascend the stairs to enter the second music door puzzle room.

There are four doors now, so your first order of business should be pushing open Door 1 which will cause Door 3 to also open. Once that is done, the correct door order you need to run through is 2, 3, 4. 

Mono will arrive on another staircase, which you should go up to reach the final musical door puzzle room. In this room, there are seven doors (four on the left, three on the right). Before you begin, approach the vertical plank in the middle of the room and push it towards the back. This will cause it to fall, allowing Mono to access both sides. If you try to jump across you will die and have to start over.

The correct door order for this puzzle is 7, 2, 3.

Upon exiting, you won’t need to worry about any more sound-based puzzles. The next portion is a boss fight which just requires you to use the door warping mechanic, not the actual sounds tied to them. We won’t go any farther than that, but you want to know how to beat the final boss make sure to check out our Chapter 5 walkthrough!