Link’s Awakening Trading Sequence Guide — How to Get the Magnifying Glass

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening features a colorful cast of characters, all with their own quirks and concerns. In particular, many of them are looking for a certain item. And wouldn’t you know it, if you can find what they’re looking for, you might get something back. Unlike in other Zelda games where trading sequences are for secret items, in Link’s Awakening you have to complete this quest to finish the game. Here’s how.

Step 1: Yoshi Doll, Ribbon, Dog Food, Bananas, Stick

You can get the first five items before you even enter the game’s first dungeon. Head to the Trendy Game shop in the southeast part of Mabe Village and play the crane game to get the Yoshi Doll. After you exit the store, a kid outside will tell you his mom wants one, so head north into the house with two doors and talk to the woman inside to trade it for the Ribbon. Take this down to Madam MeowMeow’s house, enter the smaller structure on the right side of it, and trade it to the talking Chain Chomp for the Dog Food. Now head south to the shore and visit Sale’s house, where he’ll give you Bananas in exchange for the canine chow. Finally, head east from Mabe Village to the prairie, where you’ll encounter a monkey. Give it the Bananas and it’ll not only build a bridge giving you access to the castle, but leave behind a Stick.

Step 2: Honeycomb, Pineapple, Hibiscus, Letter, Broom, Fish Hook

You won’t be able to start on step two until you’ve finished the third dungeon. Once you have, head east from Mabe Village to find Tarin on the prairie. Give him your Stick and he’ll use it to poke the honeycomb up in the tree, only to get chased away by bees. Once he’s gone, you can pick up the Honeycomb. Now head to the Animal Village and visit the house in the southeast. Talk to the chef and trade your Honeycomb for a Pineapple. Next, head up to the mountains to find a starving man and give him the fruit in exchange for Hibiscus. Double back to Animal Village and visit the house in the northeast. Talk to the goat and get the Letter. Take that to Mr. Write in the west side of the swamp, who will give you a Broom. Finally, return to Mabe Village and trade it to the woman outside of Ulrira’s house for the Fishing Hook.

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Step 3: Necklace, Scale

Before you can complete the penultimate part of the quest, you’ll need to get the Flippers, which you get in the fourth dungeon. Once you have them, head south from the next dungeon (it’s in the middle of the lake  east of Mabe Village), pass under the bridge, and dive. You’ll appear next to a fisherman in a boat, so use the Roc’s Feather to jump into it and talk to him. He’ll take the hook off your hands and give you the Necklace in exchange. Now head north of dungeon five and talk to the mermaid in the water. Give her the lost Necklace for the Scale.

Step 4: Magnifying Glass

To finish the trading sequence, you’ll need to complete dungeon five and get the Hookshot. Once you have it, head southwest of Animal Village and use it to cross the water blocking your way. Now, follow the path to find a statue and interact with it to place the Scale on it and reveal a secret cave. Inside, head north to get the Magnifying Glass and finish the trading sequence.

What do you do with the Magnifying Glass now that you have it? Well, it might be worth paying a trip to the Mabe Village library…