League of Legends That Was Inconvenient Guide: Mission Explained

And I oop.

From Mythic Essence and Masterwork Milestones to Showcase Milestones, it seems League of Legends continues to undergo multiple changes. Alongside the latter addition, there is now a mysterious task to complete that players might remember from a couple of years back. If this is your first time bumping into the League of Legends That Was Inconvenient mission, don’t fret, as we’ll explain how it works and why it’s there.

That Was Inconvenient Mission Explained – League of Legends

Alongside the Mystery Objective and Anima Squad missions, you may have noticed the addition of a peculiar task in the last couple of days. Under the name of “That Was Inconvenient,” the mission tasks you to play one match to gain 10 Mythic Essence. Why? Well, the description gives a vague hint that something happened: “Sorry for the trouble. Here’s something to make up for it!” it says.

The reason behind the League of Legends That Was Inconvenient mission is due to Riot’s recent adjustments to Masterwork Milestones. The developer explains the situation in the April 26 patch notes, saying that “our pre-launch tuning adjustments to Masterwork Milestones slightly undershot longterm Mythic Essence rates. We buffed the final milestone reward a few hours after activation last patch and are documenting it here for visibility.”

In the example they share, the reward for opening 25 Masterwork Chests has been increased. Where it previously gave players 5 Mythic Essence and one 1350+ RP skin shard, it now gives 10 Mythic Essence instead, as well as the skin shard.

League of Legends That Was Inconvenient 1

The patch notes section also mentions a retroactive reward as compensation. Players who completed the 25 Masterwork Chest milestone before the update can get 5 Mythic Essence for each time they completed it. That is in addition to the 10 Mythic Essence rewarded for finishing the That Was Inconvenient mission, which is neat.

As previously mentioned, this isn’t the first time Riot has added this mission. Back in 2020, That Was Inconvenient made its debut around the Galaxies Event. Back then, principal game designer Xenogenic tweeted that “due to widespread service issues during the event, all pass owners will receive a mission to play 1 game, rewarding 175 tokens for EUW, 150 for BR and NA, and 120 for other regions. These numbers are based on the amount of tokens you would’ve been able to earn during the time most of you were unable to log in or queue up, with some regions affected more than others.” While this time wasn’t related to server issues, it’s definitely worth getting the bonus Mythic Essence.

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That is all there is to know about the That Was Inconvenient mission in League of Legends. Remember that you have until May 12 to complete it, so make sure to play at least one match to cash it in before then.

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