League of Legends Mystery Objective – Embrace the Eclipse, Missions List

If you are justice, please do not lie.

From Mythic Essence and Masterwork Milestones to Showcase Milestones, it seems League of Legends continues to undergo multiple changes. Alongside the latter addition, a peculiar objective introduced itself as a riddle that, once solved, unlocks a series of quests to progress through. This guide explains how to complete the League of Legends Mystery Objective, including the solution to the “embrace the eclipse” riddle, and the missions list.

How to Solve the “O Brave Knight” Riddle – League of Legends Mystery Objective

The current Mystery Objective in League of Legends tasks you to “embrace the eclipse” while seeking “our lightless champions,” which is confusing on its own.

If you’re wondering how to solve the riddle, the current method is to play as an Eclipse character. This can be done in matchmade games, which means that even co-op vs. bots is a good fit for it.

The Eclipse champions are Aatrox, Senna, Sejuani, Sivir, and Kayle. These characters have received Solar and Lunar Eclipse skins recently, but you don’t need to have the skin in order to complete the mission. In addition, Leona is also part of the characters that have gotten the skins; however, people over on Reddit claim that playing with her didn’t count for the mission, despite trying with either of her skins.

League of Legends Mystery Objective 2

In our experience, we played a co-op match against bots using Sivir while the opposite team had a Leona. Following the claims, it seems Leona’s presence doesn’t matter, as she hasn’t counted for some people. As such, I recommend playing with any of the other five characters.

According to user AlessandrA_7, even if you don’t happen to have one of the champions yourself, matchmaking with another player who picks one of them in your team seems to work as well. At the very least, it shouldn’t be too hard to complete the objective, regardless of how your roster looks at the moment.

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You have two weeks to complete the League of Legends Mystery Objective, so you don’t need to rush. That being said, once you’re done with this first task, you’ll unlock a series of missions — we’re detailing them below.

Mystery Objective Milestone Missions – League of Legends

After you’ve completed the Mystery Objective in League of Legends, you’ll gain access to a series of quests. You can find those Milestone Missions below:

  1. Slay a Sun Eater? That’s Gonna Cost Ya (matchmade games only): Earn 30,000 gold — rewards 250 Blue Essence
  2. Weapon of a Lost Age (matchmade games only): Earn a Vision Score of 35 or more — rewards 1 Hextech Key
  3. The Beast Rider’s Trial (matchmade games only): As a Team, slay 4 Epic Monsters in one game — rewards 1 Hextech Chest
  4. Knights of the Empty Moon (matchmade games only): Get 12 or more takedowns in one game or win a game against an Aatrox — rewards 1 Hextech Chest + Key
  5. She Must Be Stopped (matchmade games only): Win a game with or as Sivir, Senna, or Sejuani — rewards 1 Masterwork Chest + Key

That’s all for the time being! It seems the riddle wasn’t as hard as it seemed to be, but hey, you can never be too sure. At the very least, it didn’t require people to play during the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in mid-May.

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