Killing Floor 2 Crossplay Guide – Does Killing Floor 2 Have Crossplay?

Load your rifles, sharpen your sword, and gather your Dosh, because Killing Floor 2 is free on the Epic Games Store. Available today, Tripwire Interactives hit co-op shooter will be free until July 16 for all users. Along with the Escapists 2 and Lifeless Planet, players can snatch this bloody game up by visiting the digital storefront later this afternoon. Previously available on Steam, Xbox One, and PC, many users are wondering if this monster-filled action game will support crossplay.

Here’s everything you need to know about Killing Floor 2 and crossplay, along with what new players should expect.

Does Killing Floor 2 Have Crossplay?

Yes and no.

Killing Floor 2 will support crossplay on PC between the Steam client and the Epic Games Store. Later today, Steam users will get an update allowing them to play with users on either of the digital storefronts. However, for those wanting to play Killing Floor 2 with Xbox One or PS4 users, unfortunately, you’re out of luck. At the time of writing this, Tripwire Interactive has not introduced console crossplay. This is very much a segmented game, with each platform boasting their own playerbase.

Keep in mind, you cannot use crossplay on anything other than unmodded ranked servers. These are the typical servers most players use, so if you just want to experience the game normally than nothing will change. However, this does mean you cannot play on custom servers with your Steam or Epic friends. For those on Steam, you should see “Friends from other platforms” below once you connect your Steam account to the EGS. Additionally, there is no cross-platform progression between the EGS and Steam.

If you are on the fence about where to purchase Killing Floor 2, I strongly recommend joining the PC community. It typically averages between 3-4 thousand players day and the game frequently goes on sale, meaning that number is only growing. We suspect to see a big jump in the numbers this week with more people trying out this co-op game.

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What is Killing Floor 2?

For the unfamiliar, Killing Floor 2 is a wave-based cooperative shooter that has players battling it out against hordes of mutants called Zeds. These nightmarish clones (not zombies) come in a variety of terrifying forms, forcing you to change up your strategy on the fly. After completing every wave, you will be tasked with taking down a terrifying boss.

The catch is between rounds you will need to spend your in-game currency called Dosh on weapons, armor, and upgrades. There are a variety of different firearms, many of which are quite potent at putting down these cannibalistic nightmares. Completing games will earn you experience, which levels up one of the nine available classes. Each of these archetypes specializes in specific weapons such as the Sharpshooter’s level action rifles and boasts unique perks that will give you an edge during a battle.

This is the gameplay loop of Killing Floor 2; fighting waves of enemies, earning experience, and crafting your own, personal murder machine. Tripwire Interactive also released a new content drop last month called Perilous Plunder. Not only will this DLC include new weapons like the Blunderbuss shotgun, but also a new map, and a variety of cosmetic options.

If you’re looking for a fun, low stakes co-op game to play with friends, then consider picking up Killing Floor 2 while it’s free.