Journey to the Savage Planet Tips Guide – 8 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

Journey to the Savage Planet isn’t a simple game. Beneath its wacky, colorful exterior lies a title full of secrets, collectibles, puzzles, and scientific experiments — some that you’ll struggle to find or complete. Fear not, intrepid traveler, for our handy tips list will help you to explore AR-Y 26 and the bounties inside. Take these tips and you’ll be ready to face whatever this weird world throws at you.

Use Your Slide Ability

There are many ways to traverse AR-Y 26, but sliding around is as key as running or jetpacking. It’s most useful when you need to refill your stamina bar, or if you’re evading enemy attacks, so it’s worth knowing how to execute this move.

To slide, click in the left thumbstick and then press the B button on your controller. If you’re playing on PC, you’ll want to press Shift and then the C key.

Follow the Right Waypoint

Waypoint markers will help you navigate your way across AR-Y 26, but there are different colors for specific purposes. The purple marker indicates your next main mission, yellow signifies a mission that you’re currently tracking, and orange is how to find your way back to your Javelin ship.

Arrows surrounding each marker indicate the direction you need to go too. If your maker has an arrow above and to the left of it, this means you need to head up and left of your position. You’re also told how far away your objective is so you know how close you are to reaching your destination.

Activate Alien Teleporters to Fast Travel

Running around AR-Y 26 will only get you so far. Over time it can be a bit boring walking to and from each location. Finding alien teleporters, and activating them, will let you fast-travel to areas you’ve already visited. Scout out each new area you find for alien teleporters so it’s easier to traverse this savage planet.

Shoot on Sight

As you explore, you’ll come across different fauna and flora that you can scan using your visor. There’s nothing stopping you from killing animals and plants once you’ve done so though.

Each organism drops different resources that you’ll need to collect for upgrades (more on these later). Silicon, carbon, and aluminium are all essential if you want to craft new items. Unless you stumble upon the resource veins you’ll have to shoot to kill to acquire enough elements to make your new gadgets.

Upgrade Your Inventory Whenever Possible

Once you’ve acquired enough resources, you can upgrade your Nomad Pistol, Helmet Visor, and more to help you explore. But you’ll also need to find Alien Alloys to level up your gear. These are scattered across AR-Y 26 in secret areas and as part of puzzles, so ensure you explore every nook and cranny you come across to get them.

There are plenty of creatures that want to kill you, locations you can’t access without certain upgrades, and secrets waiting to be uncovered. Upgrading your inventory will make your job much easier.

Remember to Revisit Explored Areas

Journey to the Savage Planet is a game you can complete in 15-20 hours if you stick rigidly to the plot. There’s even an achievement or trophy for finishing the game in four hours that will interest the speedrunners among you.

Savage Planet’s charm lies in discovering its secrets though. As you progress, you’ll come across places you can’t access or reach. Make a note of them and return to them once you have the required upgrade. It can be very frustrating to finally have upgraded your jetpack and forget where that secret area was in one of the game’s earlier locations.

Science Experiments are Worth Doing

After a certain point, you’ll unlock optional side missions called Scientific Experiments. There are four Explorer Ranks you can achieve by completing them, and each new rank will grant you access to certain upgrades.

Some are simple to complete, such as getting live samples of different creatures. Others are more daunting and skill-based though. Carefully read what each experiment asks of you. Each offers hints about how to complete them. As you explore, be on the lookout for opportunities that seem related so you don’t just stumble around for hours on end.

It’s Okay to Die

Despite your best efforts, you will die at some point. In other games, this would result in a “Game Over” screen and restarting from a recent checkpoint.

Thankfully, Journey to the Savage Planet’s tongue-in-cheek nature means that death isn’t the end of your adventure. You’re brought back as a clone via your ship’s Bio-Replication Chamber, which allows you to continue without repercussions.

If you return to where you died, you’ll also be able to pick up any resources you dropped and grab yourself an achievement or trophy by taking a photograph of your dead body.