It’s Double Gambit Week in Destiny 2, So Get Those Motes

Listen. Nobody likes Gambit in Destiny 2. Well, very few people, anyway. But whether you like it or not, it’s a part of the game. And if you want to complete all of the seasonal challenges, then you’re going to have to dip in a few times throughout the season. This week is a great time to do so in Season of Plunder, since you’ll get double Gambit reputation. We’re also far enough through the season that you can knock out a number of seasonal challenges — unfortunately, these mostly aren’t retroactive, so waiting a few weeks to play Gambit is usually the best bet for players who don’t love the mode. Here are the currently-active Gambit challenges in Destiny 2:

  • Dredgin’ Up Victory (Week 1) — Complete Gambit matches. Earn bonus progress for wins.
  • Bank, Kill, Repeat (Week 2) — Earn points by banking Motes, defeating Blockers, and defeating Guardians in Gambit.
  • Primeval Entourage (Week 3) — Defeat Taken in Gambit. Earn bonus progress for defeating tougher combatants.
  • High-Value Hunter (Week 4) — Defeat powerful combatants in Gambit. Earn bonus progress for defeating high-value targets.

There are three Destiny 2 Gambit seasonal challenges that haven’t been released yet, and they’re as follows:


  • Closing In (Week 7) — Defeat targets with Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, and Swords in Gambit. Defeating Guardians will award bonus progress.
  • Intended Overthrow (Week 8) — Acquire the Gambit ornament for Cry Mutiny.
  • Cold Lightning (Week 9) — In Gambit, defeat targets with Arc or Stasis effects. Bonus progress for defeating Guardians.

The Intended Overthrow challenge is, of course, retroactive, so you could theoretically complete five of the seven Gambit challenges this week, leaving off two, and still be able to claim the reward of Bright Dust at the end of the season for finishing “all” of the seasonal challenges, which only requires that you get 75 out of the 79 available. So get out there and grab those motes. Or, you know, don’t. I don’t care either way.