Is Cry Mutiny Worth Using in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder?

The seasonal ritual grenade launcher leaves a little to be desired.

As has become usual practice in Destiny 2, the Season of Plunder has its own unique ritual weapon that can be obtained through any of the game’s three playlist activities. This time, it’s the grenade launcher Cry Mutiny. You can obtain the weapon through reaching rank 16 in either the Vanguard Operations, Crucible, or Gambit playlists. But is the grenade launcher worth using? Let’s take a look.

Cry Mutiny is a Solar grenade launcher. Grenade launchers aren’t in tremendous demand right now, typically being outclassed for boss DPS by linear fusion rifles and rockets, but they can be fun and useful add clear weapons. Helping out in an add clear capacity, Cry Mutiny gets the Incandescent perk. This makes it somewhat unique in Destiny 2 right now, as it’s one of only three heavy weapons that can obtain it (the others being Roar of the Bear and Fixed Odds). In the same slot as Incandescent, Cry Mutiny can also equip Demolitionist, which is a solid all-around perk. That said, if you’re using this thing, you’re probably doing it for Incandescent.

In its other perk slot, Cry Mutiny has either Swashbuckler or Vorpal Weapon. To be honest, neither of these is terribly useful on this kind of weapon. Swashbuckler does provide a reliable Rampage-like damage buff, but trying to get the immediate full stack from a melee kill is dangerous on a weapon that can easily blow up the wielder if fired at point-blank range. Vorpal Weapon, meanwhile, provides a bonus against bosses, but given that Cry Mutiny is better at clearing out low-level enemies, doesn’t really make sense.

Cry Mutiny, then, is usually not going to be your best option for a Power weapon in Destiny 2. It isn’t even your best option for a grenade launcher. It can be fun in low-level PVE activities, especially if you’re running a Scorch-heavy Solar build, but in higher-end PVE content and in PVP, it doesn’t have much utility. If you’re playing consistently throughout the season, you’ll probably get it anyway, and it’s worth messing around with a little. But Cry Mutiny is unlikely to become your new favorite Destiny 2 weapon, unless you really like grenade launchers that set people on fire.