Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Characters Guide – List & How to Unlock

Heroes in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity will be familiar to anyone who played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Link, Zelda, and all of the pilots for the Divine Beasts are here, but most importantly, you get to play as Urbosa.

All characters are unlocked as you progress through the story once you complete Chapter 1, but thanks to the mission select nature of Chapter 2, you have control over which order you earn the pilots. Naturally, you’ll want to pick Urbosa first because I mean come on, Urbosa.

How to unlock: Link is your character as the game begins.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity begins with the mission, “The Battle of Hyrule Field,” teaching you the basics of playing the game. Link starts with a sword and shield, but as the game progresses you can give him other weapons such as spears and two-handed weapons.

Link can Shield Surf to both move faster and knock over enemies in his path. Do this by pressing X while running.

Unique Action: Let loose a flurry of arrows that you aim individually.

Special Attack: A powerful Swirl Attack that damages enemies all around Link.


How to unlock: Unlocks during the first mission, “The Battle for Hyrule Field.”

Impa, the royal advisor to Princess Zelda, is the hero most likely to make you feel, “I’m clearly doing something good, but I have no idea what’s going on with these attacks.”

Impa fights by placing what the game calls a Symbol onto an enemy. She must then absorb the Symbol off of the enemy with a Strong Attack. Each time Impa absorbs a Symbol, up to three times, she creates more and more duplicates of herself that copy any Regular Attack she does. There is a meter in the upper left of the screen to indicate how many Symbols are active.

Unique Action: Apply a Symbol to a targeted or nearby enemy.

Special Attack: Depending on how many duplicates she has, Impa throws a keg of gunpowder in front of her and it explodes, or the duplicates build a stack of gunpowder kegs and they explode.


How to Unlock: Becomes available about two-thirds through the second Chapter 1 mission: “Road to the Ancient Lab.”

Zelda attacks with her Shiekah Slate that’s been upgraded by the time-traveling mini Guardian that kicks off our story. She can empower these abilities with her Unique Action when using her Strong Attack version or when casting the individual Slate abilities that all heroes get access to. The Remote Bombs that Zelda uses is unique from the other heroes in that it creates a massive, walking bomb that throws bombs at enemies.

Unique Action: Empower placed Shiekah Runes.

Special Attack: Take a picture of enemies in front of her with the Shiekah Slate, doing a large amount of damage to anyone it locks onto.

Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief

How to Unlock: Becomes available partway through the Chapter 2 mission: “Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief.”

Urbosa empowers her attacks with lightning that she absorbs from the air. After hitting enemies with a Regular Attack, repeatedly tap X to dish out more and more lightning damage to enemies near her.

Unique Action: Hold to fill her lightning gauge.

Special Attack: Hit all enemies around her with a strong lightning attack and completely fill the Lightning Gauge.

Daruk, the Goron Hero

How to Unlock: Becomes available when starting the Chapter 2 mission: “Daruk, the Goron Hero.”

Daruk is slow but has a massive sword to deal powerful blows to his enemies. He can also summon magma to his fighting area by pressing Strong Attack after Regular Attacks. With his Unique Action, he can do damage to enemies near the magma by causing it to explode.

To move around faster, roll around by pressing B. Daruk will become invulnerable with his Daruk’s Protection ability on ZL, or he can hold X to cast Daruk’s Protection which will charge up a Sonic Spin Dash, and barrel through weak enemies while he’s an invulnerable ball. He’ll just spin up against tougher foes, but it still hurts them.

Unique Action: Cause summoned magma to explode.

Special Attack: He casts Daruk’s Protection around him and causes it to explode outward, dealing massive damage to enemies all around him.

Mipha, the Zora Princess

How to Unlock: Becomes available when starting the Chapter 2 mission: “Mipha, the Zora Princess.”

Mipha is excellent for getting into the middle of large groups by summoning a small fountain of water in the middle of them, then teleporting to the fountain, launching herself into the air, and doing short-ranged area attacks.

Unique Action: Travel to a fountain and leap into the air. If there is no fountain, this will create one nearby.

Special Ability: Create a large wave around her, doing massive damage to enemies it hits. This also heals Mipha for a small amount.

Revali, the Rito Warrior

How to Unlock: Complete the Chapter 2 mission: “Revali, the Rito Warrior.”

Revali is unique from the other heroes as he is able to fly and hover a short distance above the battlefield. While formidable on the ground, he’s strongest while in the air.

Unique Action: Take flight while on the ground and land while flying.

Special Ability: Revali launches himself into the air with a large whirlwind, damaging enemies in a large circle with a buffet of air, and then launches a bomb arrow where he was standing.

Hestu, Spirited Musician

How to Unlock: Becomes available partway through the Chapter 3 mission: “Freeing Korok Forest.”

Hestu the Korok fights with the use of his maracas and with the aid of small Korok allies. His Strong Attacks always summon Koroks to unleash his attack, but using the Unique Action to call more will help make the Strong Attacks more powerful.

Unique Action: Dance to call Korok friends to your side to fight alongside you.

Special Ability: Do a dance with your Korok friends to do massive damage all around you.

Great Fairies

How to Unlock: Upon completion of the Chapter 4 mission: “Akkala Tower,” a new mission called “Offering Help on the Road” appears in the Gerudo Desert. Complete this mission by giving the weary traveler 4500 rupees, and you’ll unlock three new missions.

  • Fairy Fountain: Grassy Plains (Central Hyrule)
  • Fairy Fountain: Desert Sands (Gerudo Desert)
  • Fairy Fountain: Deep Snows (Hebra)

In each of these missions you must defeat bosses until a Great Fairy appears. Defeat each Great Fairy and a fourth mission, “Fairy Fountain: Battlefield” appears in Akkala. Upon completion of this last Fairy Fountain, you’ll be able to fight as the Great Fairies who all share one flower pod. “Battlefield” can be difficult if you haven’t mastered how to trigger Flurry Rush as the time to kill each Moblin boss is short. Skip the little enemies, race straight for your target, and take each out before time runs out.

These warriors take up a lot of the screen but because their attacks cover such a wide area, they also do a lot of damage to enemies that are grouped up.

Unique Action: Each Great Fairy has its own unique attack, but all do area damage around you or in front of you. The fairy switches to the next one in line every time you press this button.

Special Ability: All four Great Fairies come out, surround an area, blow a kiss to anything there, and damage the enemies greatly.

Monk Maz Koshia

How to Unlock: Upon completion of the Chapter 4 mission: “Destroy the Yiga Clan!” three new quests will appear on the world map. Unlike the Great Fairies, you do not need to fight through stages to unlock each portion, but instead need to turn in a number of materials gained through playing the game. Each name corresponds with the type of materials you’ll need to turn in.

  • The Trials of Monsters (Gerudo)
  • The Trial of the Mighty Foe (Faron)
  • The Trial of the Stones (Faron)

Once you complete all three, a new mission will appear in Central Hyrule called “Trial of the Ancients” that requires you to be level 38 where you have to defeat Monk Maz Koshia in three minutes or less. Use of wands to buy you more time to break his guard will be a massive help.

Monk Maz Koshia has a bar similar to Impa’s symbols near his health, but with six instead of three symbols. When using your Strong Attack after comboing with at least one or two Regular Attacks, Monk Maz will summon an ancient relic to the battlefield such as an electric ball or two bombs. Each time you destroy one of these relics, it fills in one of these symbols.

Special Ability: Become large and shoot a laser beam to a small area in front of you, damaging enemies within.

Unique Action: For each symbol that’s lit up in your health area, you can become massive and smash the area in front of you with a large hammer.

Riju, Child of Lightning

How to Unlock: Complete the Chapter 5 mission, “Air and Lightning.”

Riju feels a bit “sloppy” to fight with because she actually uses her pet sand seal, Tabitha, to attack. Like Teba, her Shiekah Slate abilities are a bit different from the normal ones. With Remote Bombs she tosses one in front of her and bounces it off Tabitha who will launch them into the air. With Stasis she spins around and does lightning damage to everything around her. With Cryonis she makes an ice block that can be used as a shield in front of Tabitha AND launches it in a straight line.

If you’re on a timed mission to get to a point very quickly, Riju is your go-to because if you hold your Unique Action button, she’ll charge with exceptionally high speed through enemies.

Special Ability: Riju puts on the Thunder Helm and does a large amount of lightning damage in an area around her.

Unique Action: Send Tabitha into a rage, making her much faster.

Teba, Rito Warrior

How to Unlock: Complete the Chapter 5 mission, “Air and Lightning.”

Rito plays quite differently from his brother-at-arms, Revali. He has much more control of his actions, including the Sheikah Slate. After any Strong Attack, you can repeatedly tap the Strong Attack button to launch a stream of arrows at enemies in front of you.

With the Remote Bombs and Stasis effects, Teba can actually aim these abilities at specific targets, or cover a wide range of enemies to affect so many more at once. Combining Stasis with the continuous stream of arrows from the Strong Attack, he can dish out a lot of damage to a very wide area. Cryonis changes for him, creating a barrier of ice blocks around him, and Magnesis makes a tornado of magnetic weapons, with the creatures still holding onto them in most cases.

Special Ability: Teba carpets a straight line in front of him with bomb arrows.

Unique Action: Hold the button to get an increasingly more and more powerful arrow to shoot. The longer you hold it it turns into a wider volley, and at its strongest it’s a volley of fire areas that bounce around. You can tell this Unique Action has reached its max when Teba sits down.

Yunobo, Diamond in the Rough

How to Unlock: Complete the Chapter 5 mission, “Fire and Rain.”

Much like Daruk, Yunobo can make use of a Protection Sphere. If Yunobo gets any air, you can repeatedly press Y to do rolling stomps onto enemies for as long as you can keep tapping it. For the Shiekah Slate, Yunobo throws three Remote Bombs in a straight line in front of him, then rolls through them to cause them to explode.

Special Ability: Hurls a large rock at enemies in front of him, doing a large amount of damage to anything in its path.

Unique Action: Eats a Rock Roast, granting him a sphere of one of three colors. Once you start an attack combo, you’ll see a pop-up saying to press Strong Attack. There is a different effect depending on the color of the sphere:

  • Red: Create a ball of air around you that sucks in any enemies nearby. After a few seconds it unleashes this ball in front of you.
  • Orange: Summon a massive boulder and toss it in front of you.
  • Yellow/Green: TBD

Sidon, Winning Smile

How to Unlock: Complete the Chapter 5 mission, “Fire and Rain.”

Sidon is relatively simple compared to other new heroes. Pressing ZR at the right time during Strong Attacks will increase their damage. When casting Remote Bombs, press Y to hit a volley of them like baseballs. Stasis has a similar effect, except he does one big swing and charges enemies. With Cryonis, hitting X right after it’s cast will send the ice block hurtling towards enemies. For Magnesis, he sends out a fishing lure to try to catch metallic objects, pulling anyone with metal weapons into a small area.

Special Ability: Sidon turns into a massive shark, crashes into the ground and does massive area damage.

Unique Action: Employ optimism at the right point during a Strong Attack to increase its power. While doing a Strong Attack, a small circle will appear over Sidon’s character model. Press ZR at the right time and he’ll do this extra slash. Pressing this before any combos are started will pull weak enemies nearby closer to Sidon.

Master Kohga, Top Banana of the Koga Clan

How to Unlock: Complete the Chapter 6 mission, “Each Step Like Thunder”

Fighting with Master Kohga is all about managing his stress effectively. Kohga has a stress meter that does nothing until it’s full. At that point you have only a short moment to use your Unique Action to unleash your stress upon your enemies, or fall into a temper tantrum where you lose control of Master Kohga until you shake him out of it by moving the left joystick back and forth.

All Strong Attacks build up his stress meter, but by pressing X before beginning any attack chain, you can temporarily prevent any incoming stress by eating a banana. The stress meter will glow yellow for a short time and will not fill any further.

Special Ability: Do a massive amount of damage to enemies in front of him.

Unique Action: Unleash Kohga’s stress on his enemies with a Big Glowy Blast, but only if the bar is full. If you don’t press it soon enough, he will lose the stress while having a temper tantrum. Otherwise it only adds a very tiny amount of stress to his stress meter.

Zelda, Bow of Light

How to Unlock: Complete the Chapter 6 mission, “Each Step Like Thunder.”

Princess Zelda will eventually unlock the power that’s inside her, allowing her to equip her Bow of Light instead of the Sheikah Slate.

Special Ability: Use the power of the Triforce to deal massive damage to enemies in a long, straight line in front of her.

Unique Action: Switch between normal and Luminescent forms. Zelda’s luminescent form lasts as long as you have Special Ability charge, using that charge to fuel Regular, Strong, and new abilities that trigger off using the ZL button + one of the normal attack buttons.

King Rhoam, Defier of Prophecy

How to Unlock: Complete the Chapter 7 mission, “The Great Plateau.”

King Rhoam is a very traditional fighter when it comes to the heroes in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. What makes him different though is that he has two “forms,” his King form that uses a two-handed sword, and his Old Man form that uses a two-handed axe. Attacks with both are similar but not identical. While in the middle of a Strong Attack combo, you can switch back and forth between guises, continuing your Strong Attack chain beyond its normal end.

Special Ability: Deal a massive amount of damage to enemies in front of you.

Unique Ability: Switch between his King and Old Man guises. This can be used in the middle of his Strong Attacks.

Terrako, Guardian of Time

How to Unlock: Post-game collection of 50 Terrako Components. These pieces are spread throughout missions that unlock after defeating Calamity.

Rebuilding Terrako is quite a grind of some fairly difficult missions. I questioned myself over and over again, is this going to be worth it? The answer? The sheer glee on my face as I unleashed droid hell upon my foes was something I won’t forget. Watching this little murder bot swing at enemies with its little swords and axes while making adorable sounds and firing lasers into the tornadoes of enemies you create is too good not to work for.

Special Ability: Dish out a large ball of energy to enemies in a small area in front of you.

Unique Action: Fire lasers. Tap to fire lasers at enemies, hold to charge up your shot, or tap repeatedly while doing either Regular or Strong Attacks to fire volleys of lasers while you slay.

Calamity Ganon, Hatred and Malice Incarnate

How to Unlock: Complete all combat side quests.

Calamity Ganon’s normal abilities are fairly basic, punch, punch, and punch some more. What makes him special is that after a few attacks, he begins to spread malice near him onto the ground that he can absorb to fill his Malice Meter. When full, he can activate it and cause more damage with all his attacks for a short time. While in this form he’ll continue to spread malice, allowing you to extend time in this form for a bit at a time.

Special Ability: Turn into his spirit form and unleash a large amount of damage to everything in front of you.

Unique Action: Absorb malice that you’ve spread around the combat field with your Regular and Strong attacks to fill your Malice Meter. Once full, pressing this will activate